Under-Car Lights in Hawaii

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Are they legal?
What dangers do these lights pose?
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In Hawaii, neon underglow lights are technically legal with a few specific exceptions. The first is that you cannot have red or blue colored underglow lights of any kind at any time. These colors are used for emergency vehicles such as police cars and other drivers could mistakenly identify you as such if you have those colors as your lights. The penalty for using these colored underglow lights is a one thousand dollar fine and/or up to a year in jail.

You might also get in trouble for green and violet/purple underglow lights because those colors are also used for certain emergency vehicles in Hawaii. Finally, avoid driving on any public roads with these lights on as well as any sort of flashing or animated underglow lights. You can be ticketed for this, not for the lights themselves but for distracting other drivers with the lights.

What dangers do these lights pose?

Underglow lights can become a big distraction for other drivers and cause an accident. If that happens you could be held liable in court for damages. You could also face criminal penalties on top of any civil liability if you are found to have been particularly irresponsible with your underglow lights.

Think of it this way. You use underglow lights as a way for people to notice and be in awe of your vehicle. These lights will have that same effect on people when they are driving. Thus, they are a serious distraction. If you truly do not want to get into trouble of any kind because of your underglow lights in Hawaii, you should only use them when you are parked and/or on private property. Driving on a busy road with them on is a very dangerous action and will be met with serious punishment.

Wrapping up

Underglow lights for your car are a great and fun way to make your ride stand out and look much cooler. However, you can easily be ticketed, jailed or even cause an accident if you misuse them or use the wrong kind. In Hawaii as a rule of thumb, you should never use red, blue, green or violet colored underbody lights. You should also never use flashing or animated underglow lights as well as never use these types of lights while you are driving. If you are driving, you should never want other drivers focused on your car rather than the road ahead. If you need your car shipped from Hawaii, underglow lights and all, give us a call for a free quote today at (808) 445-6695!

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