All That You Need To Know About Car Glass And Windshield Repair In Hawaii

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Why you should get your window repaired as soon as you notice any damage
The different types of repairs for car windows
The best places to get your car’s windows repaired in Hawaii
Advice for preventing damage to your car’s windows


Why you should get your window repaired as soon as you notice any damage

Any time that you notice any damage to your windows on your car, you should get them repaired immediately. Otherwise, the damage could get worse and could spread over time which could make driving much more dangerous.

This includes even damage as small as a chip in your windshield. Damage such as that can “spider-web” and can quickly become large cracks in your windshield. If this happens, you could get a ticket, or your car might not pass an inspection.

Furthermore, if you do not get a chip or smaller crack in your cars window repaired right away, it will become more difficult or even impossible to repair. So, you could end up needing to buy an entirely new window or windshield and having to pay the cost of installation as well.

The different types of repairs for car windows

As you might expect, when it comes to getting your car’s windows repaired, not all repairs are equal. The main two areas are “repair” and “replacement.” The difference between these is obviously that with a “repair” your existing window is fixed, whereas as with a replacement, you will have a new window put in.

However, it gets more detailed than this. Certain types of chips and cracks will allow you to have your window repaired instead of replaced, which is cheaper. Other types of cracks will require that you get your window replaced.

The cracks and chips that will allow you to only get your window repaired are a “ding”, “cracked chip”, and “stone break”. These are most common and are almost always less than six inches long. Thus, a repair is possible.

When you have more serious damage to your windshield such as a “edge crack”, “floater crack”, or “combination break” you will likely need to get the window replaced (depending on the severity).

Other types of damage to your windows including “bull’s eyes” and “stress cracks” could go either way.

Regardless of the type of damage that your window has, whoever services your car will be able to diagnose the severity of the damage and implement and repair and/or replacement with ease.

The best places to get your car’s windows repaired in Hawaii

There are always option for getting your car’s windows repaired in a timely manner almost anywhere you go. Hawaii is no different. The following are the best options for getting your car’s window repaired in Hawaii:

  • Hawaii

    • Aloha Auto Glass – Hilo – Located in Hilo, Hawaii Aloha Auto Glass boasts great customer reviews on Google. They offer all sorts of repairs and replacements for auto glass and even offer 24 hour emergency service.
    • Aloha Auto Glass – Kona – Found in Kona, Hawaii, Aloha Auto Glass – Kona has a good history of customer service and satisfaction. They offer several vehicle glass replacement services including mobile glass replacement.
    • Safelite Auto Glass – Hilo – Located in Hilo, Hawaii, this branch of the global auto glass repair company has long been a trusted name in car window repair. They are best known for their on-the-go service where they come to you and fix your windshield.
  • Maui

    • Ace Auto Glass – In Kahului you will find one of the more highly regarded auto glass repair services in the entire state of Hawaii, Ace Auto Glass. They are family owned and offer a variety of car glass services including mobile service.
  • Oahu

    • Safelite Auto Glass – Honolulu – Another Safelite location is found in Honolulu. However, They can come to you in most areas to complete your car window repairs or replacement.
    • Roy’s Auto Glass – Roy’s Auto Glass is located in Honolulu and offers all types of windshield repair and replacement service. They have some nice reviews on Google as well.
    • Lee Ward Auto Glass – Located in Waipahu Lee Ward Auto Glass can fix and replace your auto glass with a variety of same-day services.
  • Kauai


Advice for preventing damage to your car’s windows

It is always better to be proactive rather than reactive, so preventing damage from occurring to your car’s windows in the first place is by far the best way to go. Take the following steps to prevent damage to your car’s windows while driving:

  • Do not follow too close – Chips and small cracks generally tend to occur as a result of small road debris hitting your windshield. Sometimes, you cannot prevent this as this debris could be kicked up by your own car. However, more often than not, this debris is kicked up by a vehicle that is travelling in front of you. So, the more space you give the car in front of you the less of a chance you will have that a pebble will chip your windshield.
  • Park in the shade – This obviously is not always possible but if you can park under some cover. Weather elements including the sun can weaken and even damage your windows. This is especially true in a place like Hawaii where the sun is especially strong. The effects will be almost imperceptible at first but over time this could result in a crack.
  • Avoid off-roading or anything close to it – You should avoid driving off-road or on any dirt or gravel roads. These types of roads are full of small debris such as pebbles and can easily cause chips and cracks in windshields.
  • Slow down a bit – The truth is that it is impossible to avoid all road debris from hitting your car’s windows. However, you can at least minimize the damage from this by slowing down which will decrease the force of the impact.
  • Get new wipers – Windshield wipers that are too old can actually cause damage to your windshield and over time this can cause cracks and chips. Change your wiper blades at least once annually and do not skimp and buy the cheap ones either.
  • Keep your windows clean – When you do have extremely small and imperceptible damage to your windows, dust, dirt and grime can get into cracks and chips and make them harder to repair or even make them worse. If you keep your windows clean, you will not need to worry about this.
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