What You Need to Know About Red Light Cameras in Hawaii

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How to avoid getting a ticket at a redlight camera
What is the penalty if you do go get caught at a red light camera


How to avoid getting a ticket at a redlight camera

Redlight cameras might seem unfair to some, but they help keep the roads safer and decrease serious accidents at intersections. Often, when someone gets into an accident because they ran a red light, it results in a T-bone accident which is one of the most dangerous types of accidents for the passengers of the car being hit from the side. The point is that these accidents often result in serious injury or possibly even fatalities.

You should always strive to be as safe as possible when it comes to red lights. However, the possibility of a red light ticket adds an extra wrinkle to the equation. In order to avoid getting a redlight ticket you should always come to a complete and full stop slightly before the line or cross walk. You should also start to slow down and stop (not slam on your brakes or stop short) when you see the light change from green to yellow. Finally, never turn right on red.

What is the penalty if you do get caught at a red light camera

If you do happen to receive a red light ticket in Hawaii, you are likely wondering what the overall cost will be to you. Well, you will not get the ticket until a few weeks or even months after the violation. It will take the state time to process these infractions as well as to review them.

Once you do get the ticket, it will likely cost you approximately about two hundred dollars for your first offense. After that the fine will increase to three hundred and then five hundred dollars for subsequent offenses. With multiple offenses, you might also be required to take a driving course. Your insurance premiums could possibly also be increased, especially as a result of multiple offenses. The one positive to getting a red light camera ticket in Hawaii will be that it will be easy to pay and you will not be required to come to court, at least not for the first offense. You will have the option of both pleading guilty and paying by mail or online.


Red light cameras are fairly new to Hawaii and something you definitely need to be on the lookout for especially at the state’s biggest and busiest intersections in areas such as Honolulu. These cameras will make intersections safer by discouraging motorists from trying to “beat” changing lights. However, the tickets will be quite costly. Always do the right thing, slow down and start stopping at yellow lights, do not turn right on red and stop before the painted line and/or crosswalk.

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