Road Trip In Hawaii

  Planning a trip to the Hawaiian islands but not sure how you will soak in all of the breathtaking scenery?  Because Hawaii is the only US state that you cannot drive to, visitors from the mainland often over look the amazing benefits and opportunities a road trip in Hawaii can offer.
     Visitors can plan to travel around the coast of the Hawaiian islands, finding untouched landscapes of beaches volcanoes and waterfalls. Not to mention the authentic Hawaiian food and and plenty of memorable outdoor experiences for all ages.
Road Trip In Hawaii
     For the more adventurous travelers looking to make the most of their time on the Big Island driving to the Mauna Kea Observatory, off of the infamous Saddle road which cuts through the Big Island from west to east, is an absolute must.  While thrilling in places the drive cuts time down significantly when traveling from Kona to Hilo, and is a breathtaking experience not for the faint of heart. Most rental car company’s do not allow for off-roading up to the mountain peaks observatory at an altitude of 4,205 meters (13,796 ft) above sea level, but you can ship your vehicle to Hawaii for the full out of this world experience.
      The Island of Maui has much more to offer than its impressive resorts and local shopping. Chock full of Inlets, bays, churches, valleys and even an abandoned pre-contact Haiwaiian village stand to be explored by adventurers who prefer to travel less mainstream routes. The drive all the way around the perimeter of the island where the coastal Hana highway becomes un-paved (also where rental cars are no longer allowed) is not only possible with your own vehicle but the perfect off the beaten path road trip. Along the way, Charles Lindbergh’s Hawaiian-style garden cemetery grave site is a notable site worth a visit for the History buffs and those seeking the same oasis of peace and quiet as the famous aviator. Despite its exclusivity Maui contains plenty of beautiful attractions filled with rich historical land, arboretums, vast national parks and hiking trails that make a lasting impression on all visitors lucky enough to witness it first hand.
Road Trip In Hawaii
     It is recommend to split driving around the lush rain forest garden Island Kaua’i into at least two days (if not more) to appreciate as much of what the island has to offer, at a leisurely pace. A road trip in Hawaii must see for visitors of all ages is a stop at the most famous waterfall on Kaua’i. Wailua falls is an exceptional photo opportunity no matter the weather and the epitome of natural beauty. The north end of the paved highway stretch comes to a stop at Ke’e Beach where views of Kaua’i’s mountains and the Nā Pali Coast set the backdrop for some of the most romantic sunsets in the state.
    The spirit of Hawaii can often be hard to find when in the popular Waikiki Beach Honolulu, with its busy tourism based economy and massive chain hotels. Snorkeling Surfing and shopping on Oahu are typical fun go to activities, but a ride along the Kamehameha highway takes drivers along both coast and country side. Natives refer to this peaceful drive as “going holoholo.” This scenic road trip to the lush north shore can prove to be the most  refreshing escape where the true aloha vibe of the islands can finally be felt all around. Thinking of planning your road trip in Hawaii ?  Let us ship your vehicle to Hawaii for you!
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