4 Tips for Moving to Hawaii

moving to hawaii



Turn your dream of moving to paradise a reality.  Make sure to do some research before you take the big step.  Here are some tips on moving to Hawaii to help you out along the way.

Slow Down

Hawaii has its own style and culture.  Life is more laid back and slow paced. In general things will take longer to get done since business runs slowly. Keep this in mind when planning your move. It’s a big cultural change for many people so be prepared to slow down.


Start Saving

Moving to Hawaii requires spending high costs on shipping. It’s usually more affordable to ship over your household goods, as opposed to buying new. Shipping your car will save you money as well since car costs are much higher on the island. Aside from moving costs, Hawaii has one of the highest costs of living in the United States. Make sure to plan out and budget your finances correctly. Make sure to have fund set aside for an emergency.


Start Job Hunting

Finding a job may take longer in Hawaii keep this in consideration. Make sure to tart your job search in advance. Start your job search after you have arrived, it’s easier to secure a job when you are in Hawaii.  There is a high turnover rate of people that move here and miss home. This sometimes makes companies hesitant of hiring people that have just moved here. Make it known that you here to stay.


Enjoy Yourself!

Take advantage of the weather and experience the beauty of Hawaii.  Keep active outdoors, eat fresh organic foods and take a dip in the ocean whenever you want. If you start to miss home on the mainland think of why you moved there in the first place and embrace your new life on the island.


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