All You Need to Know About the Speed Limit in Hawaii

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Typical speed limits
Penalties for speeding


Typical speed limits

In Hawaii, the speed limit is as important as it is anywhere else in the country. Also, as in most other places, it will vary depending on what type of road and/or area that you are in. Typically, in Hawaii the speed limit will breakdown as follows:

  • Residential areas: 25 mph
  • School zones: 25 mph
  • Regular roads (non-residential): 45 mph
  • Rural freeways: 50 mph
  • Urban freeways: 60 mph

When it comes to the regular roads and freeways, you will typically have a bit of leniency from police. You can likely get away with a few miles over the speed limit but less than ten. The safest and best idea is not to exceed the speed limit though. When it comes to residential areas and school zones, there will be no leniency. Even if there was, by speeding in those areas you are risking hitting someone in a big way. So, that is obviously something no one will want to risk. Regardless of these general limits, always be sure to keep your eyes on signs for the exact posted limit when you are driving in Hawaii.

Penalties for speeding

If you are caught speeding, you will be ticketed and/or arrested depending on how fast you were going. In Hawaii, if you get caught speeding, your first offense will cost about two hundred dollars with an added ten dollars if the violation was ten miles or more over the limit. You can also face a suspension of your driver’s license but that will only happen with multiple offenses or excessive speeding.

Excessive speeding is when you are caught driving thirty or more miles over the speed limit. This is also considered reckless driving. When you get caught you will be fined up to a thousand dollars, have your license suspended for at least a year and you could also possibly face thirty days in jail depending on the exact circumstance of the ticket and your driving history.

In terms of the effect a speeding ticket in Hawaii will have on your insurance rates, that will be at the discretion of your specific auto insurance provider. That is because Hawaii no longer uses a “point system” for moving violations. Your insurance company will still be notified of any moving violations right after they occur.


Being caught speeding in Hawaii has big and costly consequences just as it does anywhere else in the United States. You will be fined hundreds of dollars, could possibly have your license suspended and can even end up with some jail time. Always be on the look out for posted speed limits and obey them. This is especially true in school zones and residential areas where the risk of hitting a pedestrian is at its highest.

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