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The idea of taking a vacation is different for everyone; some think of an adventurous mountain climb while others envision a tropical locale. Sometimes, however, you truly need to define the meaning of “getting away from it all.” There are the tourist trap areas every traveler visits and then there are a small handful of gems you’ll never regret visiting.
Whatever your idea of an ideal vacation spot is, here are a few must-see vacation destinations you should try to visit before 2016 is over.

Bora Bora
Have you ever desired to go someplace far, far away and maybe even said to your loved ones you want to go to a remote island where no one can find you? Surround yourself by a luxurious lagoon or hover over the aqua blue waters in your overwater bungalow.
It doesn’t get any more peaceful and relaxing than this, or any more remote.

The Secrets of Hawaii
When it comes to the secrets of Hawaii, it doesn’t get any more secret than this – Secret Island. This secret spot is located on the East side of Oahu and the only chance you have of seeing it, is to book a visit through a tour.
Makalawena Beach has whiter than white sugar-sand beaches and sparkling blue waters. There’s also plenty of hidden coves to make this even more of a secret secluded spot than the rest.
Pa’ako Cove will make you feel like you are a million miles away from reality. Also known as Secret Cove, this tiny stretch of sand is as cozy as it gets. Don’t let the smaller size fool you though, what it has missing in size it makes up in exquisite beauty.
Polihua beach is special in its own right. The only way to get there is by off-roading it. While droves of tourists visit the more popular Waikiki spots, you can have your own little slice of heaven almost all to yourself.

The Amalfi Coast
When it comes to exotic and exquisite locales, Amalfi Coast fits the bill. Whether you want to explore the beauty of the Amalfi Coast by water or by road, the photo opportunities are endless. Any trip to Italy, of course, is a must-see destination, but the Amalfi Coast should be tops on the list.

Hawaii Car Shipping

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Hawaii Car Shipping Tips

In a world full of technology moving faster than the speed of light, it might be difficult to keep up, especially when it comes to our cars. We might want to learn the latest and greatest tech tips and have the newest toys, but at the same time yearn for that far-away feeling of a good old-fashioned Sunday drive.

Well, in Hawaii you can have your drive and enjoy it too. When most people think of Hawaii, they think of the inviting blue ocean, highest of cliffs and simmering volcanoes just to name a few. Then there are the mutli-colored beaches from white sand to black.
There are hundreds of places throughout the United States to go for a leisurely drive, but Hawaii has to be one of a kind. Driving through the twists and turns on Hawaii’s ancient roads has to be one of the best kept secrets yet most memorable road trips one can savor.

Makapu’u Point Lighthouse

What better way to start a road trip than with a short but powerfully memorable hike on a lighthouse trail? Makapu’u Point Lighthouse trail won’t disappoint anyone. This scenic shoreline is enough to make you forget all the cares in the world.
With a dryer and hotter climate, you may want to start your drive earlier on in the morning to bask in the scenic views and then head to the trail. There’s not much coverage on this magnificent trail, leaving you open to view some of the most breathtaking sights that will leave you speechless:

• Hike up the trail to arrive at the most magnificent plateau for viewing indescribable sights.
• Stop along the way to breathe in the sights of the colossal coastline
• Wait for the opportunity to view the ocean with hopes of seeing your first humpback whale. Any time after May up until November is prime spotting time.
• Spy the sight of the lighthouse itself as you take it in from a distance
• Splash in a tide pool and check that one off your bucket list

Waimanalo Bay

Enjoy an awesome drive winding your way through the town of Waimanalo on your way. If the thought of stopping at a seaside café and basking in the Hawaiian sun while your every sight takes in the senses of Hawaii’s natural beauties, then this drive will delight you indeed.

• Stop at a café along the way
• Fully live into an off-the-beaten path Hawaiian experience
• Be in awe of the miles of white sand beach that stretch out before you like a baby’s blanket
• Splash in the pristine turquoise blue waters

It’s easy to forget technology exists in these jaw-dropping locales; however, you never know when cars and technology meet up in the Hawaiian isles.

Interested in reading more? Check out the opinions of THIS ARTICLE on utilizing Hawaii’s roads to test out Google’s autonomous cars.

Hawaii Car Transport

What do you think of when you think of traveling for Memorial Day weekend? Loads of traffic and congestion, hiked airfares and questioning what were you thinking traveling on the busiest day of the year probably come to mind. However, times have changed and the way people travel has changed as well.

Memorial Day travel no longer has to be expensive or congested. As a matter of fact, you can get a great deal throughout the summer if you do your homework and your research.

Think Big – Big Island, That Is

Most people think of a small road trip somewhere reasonably close to home. If you think big, like in the Big Island of Hawaii, however, you may be surprised at how much more you will get for your money.

Of course, you more than likely won’t simply go to Hawaii for a weekend, but if you book now and plan smart, a trip to the Big Island may be just around the corner for you and your family this summer.

More than two dozen resorts throughout the islands are dropping rates substantially. According to certain sources, these rates are dropping upwards of 40% to jump start the season. What better way to celebrate the unofficial start of summer than to book a package deal to one of the exquisite islands of Hawaii.

Pay Homage at a Memorial Site

If you are heading to Hawaii this long weekend, what better way to celebrate Memorial Day than to pay homage at a memorial site. On any day of the year, the USS Arizona Memorial site is the busiest attraction in Hawaii. That is understandably so;
it marks the beginning of World War II on that fateful day on December 7, 1941. Not only were lives lost there, but hundreds of thousands more were lost during the war. If you are heading to Hawaii and plan to visit, plan ahead.

• Get in touch with the Pearl Harbor Visitor’s Center ahead of time
• Speak with your local travel agent for tips and advice
• Contact the hotel you are staying with to get tips on ways to get there, ticket information, visitor hours and special memorial services throughout the weekend

Remember and Honor All

While there, don’t forget to visit the other sites as you silently pay homage to those lost:

• Battleship Missouri – better known as “Mighty Mo” the last American battleship ever made
• The “First Avenger” – the USS Bowfin – thousands of artifacts and memorabilia on display
• Pacific Aviation Museum – take a shuttle to visit this historic landmark in the middle of Pearl Harbor and take a step back into aviation history and time

If you can’t make it to Hawaii this Memorial Day, who says you can’t plan your next trip during this extended holiday weekend.

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Hawaii Travel


Every soon-to-be traveler thinks traveling is great; that is, until they have to shop, plan, prepare and pack. There’s a lot of preparation that goes into a good trip and a good trip doesn’t come about without great planning. Thankfully, we live in a day and age where technology is being recreated at the speed of light. Every day, there’s a new gadget, accessory, gizmo or app. Even better, these technologies change the way we travel.
If you’re planning your next weekend road trip this spring or even working on your summer vacation plans, don’t forget to take along some of these useful travel apps. They’ll make your trip light as a summer breeze.

Depending on where you’re traveling some of these are great right in your own backyard while others will come in handy when traveling internationally.

Google Translate
When you find yourself in need of an urgent phrase while traveling abroad, that book you brought along may be of no use and just take too long. Google translate will translate in dozens of languages the exact phrase you need to use.

What’s great about skype is that it’s easy enough to use and what’s even better is that it’s free. You can chat with family or friends back home without worrying about your cell phone usage going through the roof.

Gas Buddy
Back in the day, one of the biggest topics of conversations when traveling was to talk about the prices of gas in other states. Now, you don’t have to wonder about it, you can find the most reasonable gas in town by city or zip code. Check out the stations nearest you and find the best price per gallon while traveling.

City Mapper
If you’re like most travelers, you don’t always want to use a real map or stop and ask for directions; the GPS will get you there just fine. If you’re really like most travelers, the GPS has gotten you lost on more than one occasion. This handy app will help you find your way through major cities getting you from Point A to Point B in the fastest route possible. If you’re not in the mood for the scenic route, you can travel the straightest path.

Have you ever drove past an exit only to realize that the food place you were looking for the last few exits was right off the service road? By that point, it’s too late. But with iexit, you can check and see which gas station, favorite store or eatery is at that exit. You don’t have to get off and drive around – some more. You can find out which service is at which exit and have your pick of your favorite places to stop.

You don’t have to carry around a file folder of all your confirmation emails with TripIt. This app helps you to organize and stay organized when traveling by creating a handy listing of all your trip details from car rentals to airline confirmations.
These are just a few apps that can help you travel happy with apps. Here’s a bunch more to save you time and save you some money:

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Auto Technology
It seems as though every time you turn around these days, there’s something new in the auto industry. And it’s not just a new concept car or model that’s new either. It’s technology, safety, and innovation all competing for the spotlight at the same time. It wasn’t too long ago that these new trends were just idle chatter, but now they all seem to be becoming reality all at once. No sooner than one idea comes out, the next, biggest and more improved version of that idea is “coming soon.” Here are a few trends on what’s safe, what’s smart, and what’s new in the auto industry.

What’s Safe?
A decade or two ago, all you really needed to worry about when it came to safety was how well the seatbelts worked, the safety crash tests, and how many air bags you had to consider. Nowadays, privacy and security are also at risk. With connectivity advances in technology and hackers being in the news more often, it’s enough to make you want to start walking or taking out your bike.
Thankfully, regulators are always seeking to ask the question on how safe is the public with this new innovation or that new technology? One such example takes place in Oakland, California. The Metropolitan Transportation Commission will host an event known as the Connected Car Hackathon during early April. Automatic Labs, Inc. is also on board the project.
In hopes of encouraging safer driving ethics, the event will invite those who participate to build a better mouse trap (or in this case, build better technology for safe driving practices). The event seeks to draw in experts in the field such as developers and programmers, just to name a few, in order to come up with solutions for safer driving tools and technology.

Is it a Hacker’s Paradise?
Recent research is showing just how welcoming it is for a hacker to invade your car. Like a magician with a quick slight of hand, it’s getting easier to hack a key fob and get into your vehicle. While some people collect coins, hackers are busy collecting signals to gain access to your car. Cars from Audi to Toyota have been impacted by these hackers.
Thankfully the research shows the problem areas and the manufacturers can then address what’s next in safety.

What’s Smart?
A group of 20 automakers is seeking to make everything on four wheels safer than before with a safety system known as Automatic Emergency Braking in all cars. Since the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is on board with everything safe when it comes to cars, it’s good to know they are on the driver’s side when it comes to moving safety technology through the pipes more quickly.
Manufacturers and safety regulators both seek to make seat belts, air bags, and even more advanced future technology like Lane Keep Assist, (helping get the car back to where it needs to be) safer than ever before.
Picture a future too where the use of infrared systems can detect a deer in headlights, so to speak, in dark conditions where the human eye may not be able to see it until it’s too late.

What’s New?
While the majority of visitors to the New York Auto Show at the Jacob Javits Center this week are there to see the new concept cars and what’s next on four wheels, there’s also something else that’s new in safety.
Unfortunately, in recent years’ police officers have been killed while sitting in their vehicles. The New York Police Department is exploring new technology in safety. Armored panels and bullet resistant glass for patrol cars are two of those new safety technologies being tested. With an advance in technology like this, the police can feel safer as they go about the business of keeping the public safe, as well.


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Hawaii Travel


Travel has certainly changed from a few short years ago. Technology has made traveling much easier and much more competitive at the same time. With the abundance of apps at our fingertips from checking flight information for us to getting updates about everything, travel is a breeze.

Even where and how you stay, such as companies like HomeAway and Airbnb make staying anywhere from a spare bedroom in someone’s home to a treehouse in Puerto Rico an adventure. However, just like some old wives’ tales, there are some myths surrounding travel that have stayed around, as well.


Travel is for Jetsetters Only

When you think of travel, do you sigh and say, “Someday” or do you create an action plan to make it happen? If you are like most average people, you make ends meet, pay the bills, and there’s not always a lot left over for things like travel.

Travel today, however, has made leaps and bounds in offering competitive rates and different ways to save money.

Hopper – Hopper is a great little app that will not only save you money, but do the work for you. This handy tool will sort through daily prices on airline flights and give you the best data on when to buy those tickets to Hawaii you’ve been waiting on.

Hotel Tonight – If you need a reservation in a hurry, Hotel Tonight is a great app. This app will help you find lodging at the last minute, but even better yet, it will help you score some real last-minute discounts as well.

With so much competition and so many companies offering travel discounts, travel is doable and affordable.


It’s Not Safe to Travel

With the events around the world being as dismal as they have been as of late, many people think it’s not safe to travel. However, this may not be the case. With security heightened, it might be just as safe as ever to travel.

It might take a few more action steps before traveling to ensure a safer and smoother journey. For example, making certain you have all your information and paperwork updated and ready to go such as passports, cell service, and contact information of embassies. An app such as the Smart Traveler app will keep you in touch with travel alerts, U.S. embassy locations and so much more. Purchasing travel insurance is also another safeguard you may wish to consider.


Those Airline Miles Don’t Really Add Up

Many travelers go on vacation year after year because they’ve racked up enough miles on their credit cards. It takes time and effort to figure out, but just like anything else that takes time and effort, it may just be worth your while to give it a try.

Plenty of travelers find themselves scoring tickets for free by exploring the world of airline credit card miles. You never know, if you play your “cards” right, you may be one of them.


Baby Boomers Have a Tough Time Traveling

Some people might think that the Baby Boomer Generation, also known as the Sandwich Generation have a tough time traveling because they are busy taking care of elders and children at the same time. However, there is a new travel trend called “Multi-generational Travel.”

Multi-generational families are enjoying treks to Alaska and tropical vacations to Hawaii. With careful planning and the help of tour guides and facilities, all three generations are able to share the travel experience today.


It’s not Worth the Hassle

New research is showing the science behind happiness lies not within the purchasing of more material possessions, but rather in life experiences. Travel is always an experience. Sure, it’s a lot of work to plan, shop, and pack for, but in the end, the experience will create memories to last a lifetime and give you conservation topics for years to come.

Travel makes you happy, for the most part. Sure, there are always those stories about that one trip where everything didn’t go according to plan, but at the end of the day you still have something to talk and laugh about.

Just like anything else, travel is an experience. You can either buy into the myths or invest in having a good experience.

If you’re looking to travel and explore Hawaii, be sure to get a Free Online Vehicle Quote to take your car with you for the most convenient vacation possible.

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Hawaii Timeshare

Hawaii in and of itself is beautiful. There are so many advantages to visiting. There isn’t a lack of things to do and see from lounging on warm secluded beaches of different colors to experiencing vibrant and traditional cultural experiences. If you’ve never been, then maybe 2016 is the year you visit.

If you’ve visited Hawaii on more than a handful of occasions, then maybe just maybe, 2016 is the year you look into making it a constant and steady retreat. If you’ve ever thought of owning a timeshare but wanted a little more insight, check out these tips to see if there is a timeshare in your New Year.

A time share is a property that has multiple owners where each gets to use the property every year. In the scenario of a fixed timeshare, the owner typically books his/her vacation time the same week every year. This offers the benefit of not having to worry about planning an annual vacation or worrying about accommodations. It’s an opportunity to return to your favorite vacation destination year after year without a lot of planning.

Timeshares have been around for several decades with one of the first to open up in Kauai, Hawaii so when it comes to timeshares, Hawaii has a first foot in the door.


Benefits of Owning a Time Share

When it comes to visiting Hawaii, the benefits are numerous and obvious. Timeshares, however, offer their own unique benefits.

• Timeshares offer a variety of accommodations and activities for singles or entire families
• Hawaii is popular during any time of the year; it’s not season specific
• You can pay for your vacation in advance
• Timeshares offer considerable savings over time
• Take advantage of exploring different locales or returning to your favorite hot-spot every year.
• Choose a variety of other resorts according to your tastes, needs, and desires


Be Prepared for the Hard Sell

If you’ve ever received one of those coupons in the mail saying you’ve won a free trip in exchange for a 90 minute presentation, then you’ve already been introduced to a timeshare. Most timeshare properties will offer you a prize such as a vacation or set of tickets to an expensive show in order to lure you in to their presentation.

If you think you’re going to sit through it unaffected, think again. The presenters are well trained in selling and selling hard. Pressure is their middle name. For every response you have, they have two waiting to make buying a timeshare right then and there on the spot more appealing.

A timeshare is a valuable offering if it works for you. Just give yourself enough time to think it through and consider all the options before you are coached into signing on the spot.


Read the Fine Print

Each state may have its own set of laws so it’s important to know whether or not you are able to rent or exchange your timeshare, sell it or even pass it on to your children in your estate. Just like any other transaction, read the fine print.

Talk to others who may have the same timeshare you are interested in, consult with experts and make an informed and educated decision. Buying a timeshare may be the perfect choice for you after all the paperwork is read and information is gathered.


Pay Attention to the Dates

Many timeshares are easy enough to exchange depending if they belong to a chain of resorts; however, if not you may have to join a private exchange group which can have an additional fee. You may not even get the guaranteed exchange or date you want.

If you know a specific place and date when you want to travel, you need to be ready a year or more in advance to choose where you want to head to next. Some families book their next vacation during their current one.

Remember too, you are not purchasing a piece of property but a share in the rights to use it. When you go in with your eyes open and with all the right information from the onset, a timeshare could get you closer to visiting and re-visiting paradise once again.


Is There a Timeshare in Your New Year? Check out These Tips

Aloha Hawaii

In Hawaii, aloha means many things. Some travelers to the beautiful isles of Hawaii think it simply means either hello or goodbye. Aloha means so much more. It’s more of a way of life and a spirit than just a simple greeting. To live the Aloha life, you embrace love and compassion in all you do and to all who you meet. Aloha is a way of being and a lifestyle.

If you’ve never been to Hawaii before, maybe it’s time to embrace the spirit of aloha in 2016.

Of course, there’s always plenty to do on any one of the islands of Hawaii; some more touristy than others. And, of course, there’s always plenty of nothing to do – like lay on the white sand beaches and soak up all that sun in paradise.

If you’re planning to head on over to aloha right after the New Year, there are still some holiday happenings going on in the islands.


Say Aloha to New Years in Hawaii

Hop aboard a New Year’s Eve cruise through Honolulu Harbor as fireworks explode in multi-colored lights overhead. Head on over to the Waikiki Starlight Luau in Hilton Hawaiian Village. You will never be at a loss to ring in the New Year in Hawaii – if you are lucky enough to be spending the first day of the New Year on any one of the islands.

Imagine ringing in the New Year at any one of Hawaii’s beaches or parks with music wafting in the background, fireworks overhead and the smell of a traditional luau wafting under your nose.


Ward Winter Village Outdoor Ice Rink

If you want something to really write home about, why not try ice skating in the middle of paradise. The Ward Winter Village Outdoor Ice Rink is still featuring its holiday schedule until January 10th, 2016. Go for a spin on the ice and grab a cup of hot cocoa while you’re at it.


Honolulu City Lights

Do you have a few more days in the beginning of January to continue the celebration of the New Year in Hawaii? Stop by the Honolulu City Lights up until January 3rd and take part in the festivities as you watch the floats in the parade float by, enjoy authentic Hawaiian foods or listen to live performances.


Hawaii Cherry Blossom Festival

Want to leave the snow and the shovel behind and enjoy the sights and sounds of fragrant Hawaii? Join in the ceremonies at the Hawaii Cherry Blossom Festival to celebrate the fragrant and beautiful cherry blossom. Plenty of pageants and coronations for a different kind of travel experience.


What’s New in Hawaii?

The great thing about Hawaii is in how it maintains its culture but keeps up with the trends. Here are a few happenings for Hawaii in 2016:

• Ritz Carlton Residences, Waikiki Beach will offer upscale rooms
• Oahu will open the first Hampton Inn and Suites
• Aston Kaanapali Shores will have a new one million dollar pool complete with new LED lighting – imagine that
• The Four Seasons Resort will re-introduce itself after a beautiful transformation
• For the shoppers – plenty of opportunity to shop till you drop at the International Market Place
• And Hawaii National Volcano Park celebrates its 100th year

And if you are a car enthusiast, why not plan your trip later in the year towards March and enjoy the First Hawaiian International Auto Show set for March 18-20.

If you’ve never been to Hawaii before, there’s plenty to see and do in 2016. You will find the traditional tourist attractions and memorial sites such as the USS Arizona and the Diamondhead crater and for a more unique experience why not take on some whale watching, zip lining or stay in one of the above-mentioned resorts where you can enjoy the fruits of their labor.

In 2016, you can enjoy all that is old and all that is new in Hawaii while you ring in the New Year, as well.

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Pearl Harbor Memorial

The attack on Pearl Harbor back on December 7, 1941 was commemorated on December 7, 2015 remembering the day 74 years ago leading the United States into World War II. There were several commemorative ceremonies that took place from parades to the laying of wreaths and in places from Washington, D.C. to the spot where the attacks took place in Hawaii.

Not only is the anniversary 74 years old, there were even veterans attending that were older than that. The oldest living United States veteran coming in at 110 years old was also taking part in the remembrance of those who lost their lives on that fateful day 74 years ago. The 110-year-old Lake Charles, La. Veteran was joined in Washington by other veterans and even two additional survivors of the Pearl Harbor attack in order to honor and remember those lost.

On December 7, 1941, the Imperial Japanese Navy conducted a surprise attack on the United States naval base located in Pearl Harbor. Hundreds of planes attacked shortly prior to 8:00 in the morning. December 7, 2015 commemorated that event.


The Sights and Sounds of Commemorations

Speeches - Throughout the United States, speeches were made honoring those who survived and remembering those who perished. USS Arizona surviving veterans rang a bell to honor their fellow sailors as taps played out in the background.

Parades -In Hawaii, parades that included the culture of Hawaii full with flame throwers and hula dancers marched along the streets as crowds cheered, honored and remembered those who were lost on December 7, 1941.

Live Dive - There was a live dive scheduled for December 8, 2015 at World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument. The Live Dive will showcase locations aboard the ship previously unseen. The hosts of the event will be available for discussion live at the theater. Imagine taking part in viewing a live dive as it happens on such a commemorative occasion.

Visitors can get a clearer picture of what it might have been like to be aboard the vessel and get an understanding of how much is involved in maintaining this sacred space.


Band Performances – Army, Air Force, and Marine Band performances performed for all to enjoy, and several commemorations also involved a moment of silence at 7:55 a.m., the moment the attack began.


National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day Commemoration via Live Stream - Three live events were showcased offering history and remembrance to those in attendance. The commemoration had a live broadcast of both the USS Oklahoma and USS Arizona memorial ceremonies.


National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

The National Park Service together with the United States Navy together hosted the commemoration at Kilo Pier which was open to the public. And, for those who could not attend, a live stream was offered at the Pearl Harbor Visitors Center.

If you’ve never been to Hawaii and visited the site of the USS Arizona Memorial, it’s never too late to start planning as next year marks the 75th anniversary of this day that will forever remain in the hearts of Americans as the day the United States entered into World War II.

Of course, Hawaii is paradise, but there is also a piece of important history there as well. If you visit, you can get the chance to pay tribute, remember, and create a moment of silence in honor of those who perished.

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Hawaii Christmas


Are you daydreaming about a trip to Hawaii in the future? While everyone is running around holiday shopping and storing up goodies for inclement winter weather, you may be fantasizing about your next warm weather getaway. What’s better than daydreaming? Planning and booking your holiday vacation for 2106 is what’s better.

If you think of vacation, chances are you are like most folks and believe it is a lifetime away – until next summer, that is. However, waiting until the New Year might not be in your best interest. You can book your holiday now for 2016 and discover the hidden benefits.


Re-Book before You Leave

One of the benefits of booking a holiday in advance is the ability to get your pick of the litter when it comes to choices. You may be a return visitor and have a recurring annual trip on your agenda. For some it might be a winter escape to Aruba while for others it’s a spring fling to Hawaii. Whatever it may be, when you book again before you leave, you reap the rewards.

For some, a trip to Hawaii is an once-in-a-lifetime trip. For others, there are airline credit card miles, travel hacks, and plenty of ways to make it a recurring event. If you book another return trip before you exit your current vacation – whether it is a camping cabin in Pennsylvania or a trip to Hawaii for the following year, you guarantee your favorite spot.

Do you have a favorite place to stay or a particular section of a resort you like to stay in? Book it now and sit back and enjoy your holidays.


Early Bird Catches the Discount

The early bird may catch the worm, but when it comes to booking travel in advance, the early bird just may catch the discount. You may qualify for an early-bird discount or you may qualify for a return visitor discount. The odds of you getting a discount are in your favor either way.

While the thought of spending some money to save some money might seem like it’s for “other” people, when it comes to travel it can work for you too.


You Get Your Choice of Tours

Have you ever gone on vacation and stood on line to get tickets to an event or tourist site only to be shut out of your first choice? When you book a holiday vacation just before the New Year, you may have an array of options you would not necessarily have if you wait.

Some travelers wait until they arrive at their destination to book their tours only to find out they cannot do what they want, when they want. Worse yet, sometimes these travelers go home without being able to see the site or attend the event. When you book early, you have a better chance of getting your first choice.


Early Payment Discounts and Incentives

Some travelers might want to put a small deposit on their pre-booked travel plans. Other travelers inquire about pre-paying their travel package in advance. Taking out travel insurance is a great way to take advantage of pre-payment plans and early payment incentives on packages, hotels, and tours. When you pre-pay in advance, you can reap the rewards of discounts and incentives. When you purchase some travel insurance, you can rest a bit more easily about your travel plans.


Everyone Loves a Freebie

When you plan, book, and pay in advance, you get to ask for freebies. Maybe you want an extra night’s stay on the house for booking early. What about a dinner voucher for two in that exciting new restaurant you’ve had your eye on for a while? Go ahead and ask for freebies – you never know, the company you are booking with might be so ecstatic about your adventurous pre-planning, they are more than willing to throw in a couple of extra bonuses.


Beef up Those Group Discounts

If you are booking early and traveling as a group, why not go for the double discount and ask for an even bigger group discount. Start out by asking for a group discount and then don’t be afraid to ask for an even bigger group discount for planning, booking and paying early. Companies, more often than not, are more willing to grab a bunch of travelers and offer them a decent discount to keep them happy – and booked!

While you might never dream of having the money now to pre-plan a future trip, you never know how much you might actually be saving if you do.

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