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Going Green in Hawaii


Hawaii is a much-loved land; both by its own people and the tourists that visit there and understandably so. What’s not to love – miles of sugar sand beaches, delightful waters that beckon you to come and play, and so much to see and do. The list is endless indeed. Nevertheless, the more visitors that Hawaii sees, the more potential for pollution.

You would think with all the greenery Hawaii already has, green energy would not be necessary. Hawaii is thinking a different shade of green though these days – energy related green and not just palm tree and rain forest green.


Little Critters Make a Big Difference

We all know how little critters can make our lives uncomfortable from mosquitos to those large cane spiders in Hawaii. Nevertheless, Hawaii has other critters that are important in the work that they do – honey bees.

Several years ago, the Adopt-a-Beehive with Alan Wong Program was developed in the hopes of raising awareness about honey bees and their current situation. At the UH Hilo Farm Laboratory in Pana’ewa, you can adopt a beehive. Once you sponsor your beehive, you will get news about how well your beehive is doing. This program promotes the importance of the honey-bee and offers education to the public, as well as filling the need for honey bees to thrive and continue to be the contribution that they are.

With the opportunity to promote research on how important the honey bee is to a sustainable environment in Hawaii, this program makes honey a little bit sweeter.


Going Greener with Greenery

When it comes to keeping the green in Hawaii, TREE (Tropical Reforestation & Ecosystems Education) is a perfect example of such an endeavor. TREE has a commitment to the preservation and restoration of Hawaii’s natural green beauty. There are a variety of programs TREE creates in order to maintain and sustain the rare and native species of Hawaii.

By connecting both youth and adults alike to the maintenance and preservation of native Hawaiian ecosystems, TREE promotes an environment that thrives for both nature and human-kind.


Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative

The Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative takes action in keeping Hawaii green by planting trees in an area that was once claimed by King Kamehameha. While a few koa trees remain on this land, the Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative continues to take efforts to recreate this area.

You can sponsor a tree, track your tree and if you don’t have any plans to visit Hawaii any time soon, you can check in on your tree using your coordinates online. What a fun and rewarding way to be a contribution to the green movement located on Mauna Kea in Hawaii.


Plastic, Plastic Everywhere

There once was a quote by Samuel Taylor Coleridge about “Water, Water, Everywhere.” There seems to be a new, unfortunate, way of being where we find plastic everywhere we go – from our homes to the vehicles we drive and even our workplace.

It is more important than ever for visitors to take exceptional care with plastics in Hawaii. With so many beaches and hiking opportunities, it is easy to lose sight of the fact that those improperly discarded water bottles can wind up in the oceans of Hawaii. Not only does that pollute the ocean water, but the sea life that lives within it. The ecosystem of that sea life is necessary and vital.

The Surfrider Foundation Chapter rises above the task by creating programs such as Rise above Plastics. Local action that makes a difference on a large scale is what this program is all about by educating and reminding people of the dangers of overuse of plastic and the pollution it causes. Rise above Plastics reminds people to recycle, reuse and make some change.


Solar Energy in Hawaii

Utilizing all that energy from the sun just makes sense in Hawaii. Just about everywhere you go in Hawaii, there is an abundance of sunshine. Tapping into all that energy, the government as well as the utilities are creating incentives for homeowners to go solar. Hawaii is a leader in the solar energy movement throughout the nation and understandably so.

So, while Hawaii may seem effortlessly and naturally green, it’s not without the efforts of those behind movements such as these.

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Hawaii Best Kept Secrets


When you need to take a visual break and envision somewhere tropical, far away and easy-going, Hawaii is the perfect image to envision. Hawaii is the epitome of sugar-sand beaches, ocean surf and a laid-back lifestyle to say the least. However, did you know that Hawaii has more than two colors of sand beaches other than sugar white and black sand?

Of course, the black sand beaches are remnants from the volcanic history that makes up Hawaii. After all, Hawaii would not be in existence if it were not for that volcanic history. However, the volcanoes and coral reefs of Hawaii did more than make a little slice of paradise with black and white sand beaches. They created the colorful world of Hawaii’s colored sand beaches.


Red Sand Beach

Officially known as Kaihalulu Beach, Red Sand Beach is quite a sight to see. Red Sand Beach gets its color, once again, thanks to Mother Nature in Hawaii. One visit to the Red Sand Beach and you will know why it is known as one of the most exquisite beaches Hawaii has to offer.

Red Sand Beach, of course, has red sand, but it’s the surrounding colors of nature compiled with the sand that make it breathtaking. Bluer than blue ocean waves, the greenest of forestry and the red sand make it look like something out of an artist’s portrait. Pictures sometimes cannot even capture the beauty of this beach.

While there is no swimming allowed and climbing could be tricky, with a guided tour you may be able to chalk your visit up to the red sand beach as one in a million.


Green is Golden

Papakolea Green Sand Beach on Hawaii is considered a treasure of a find. While the sand may be green, the opportunity to see this uniquely colored beach is golden. To say that a visit to Papakolea Green Sand Beach is to speak the truth. You will have to drive your car and park it and begin your hike over to the beach.

Imagine having to take a 2.5 mile hike only to reach a cliff overlooking the Green Sand Beach and then having to climb down to explore. While it is not a long nor treacherous hike, you will still need to be prepared. Make sure you have the right protection such as sunglasses, sunscreen, a hat and plenty of water along for the adventure.

The green olivine crystals that formed the beach are magnificent to see whether you view the beach from atop the cliff or get up close and personal and hold some in your hand.


Yellow as the Sun

While visitors to Hawaii expect a lot of sunshine, they may be surprised to see quite a bit of that sunshine right on the sand in the form of yellow hued granules. Yellow and brown sands have a tendency to attract more heat and more beachgoers. The hotter the sand, the hotter the location for tanning and swimming. Waikiki is said to have miles of yellow sand beaches to enjoy.


Black Sand Beaches

Imagine laying out in the sun on a black sand beach. The black sand is courtesy of the volcanic activity from the islands in the form of lava fragments. While other beaches may have a combination of marine life and coral reef to attribute its sand colors to, black sand beaches can thank goddesses such as Pele for their formation.

Another thing you can bet on when visiting a black sand beach – the sand will be hotter than hot. You know how you are advised to wear lighter colors such as white during summer months in order to reflect the sun’s rays and how black attracts those rays all the more? Well, the same goes for the black sand beaches – they will be hotter than hot. Wear your flip flops or beach shoes at all times.

Punalu’u Beach on the Big Island is a favorite of beachgoers and even sea turtles. The green sea turtles do well there since the black sand stays warmer for the turtle eggs to thrive. If you are looking to do some serious swimming, it’s best to check on the surf for the day. The surf on this particular beach can be rough going at times. Sunbathing or walking along the beach may be a better option.


The Glorified White Sand Beaches

While it may appear that the white sand beaches of Hawaii are smooth and soft, there may be more on these shores than meets the eye. The sand may actually contain more fragments of shells and coral reef remnants.

Kailua Beach on Oahu is one such example. The combination of azure waters meeting white sandy beaches is something your eyes won’t believe and your memory will never forget either. Waikiki Beach is also a popular choice what with Diamond Head in the backdrop. You can relax and feel like a king or queen when visiting this well-loved stretch of white sand beach.

So, if you thought Hawaii only had white sand beaches, now you know there are other options to choose from; some of which are even colors of the rainbow like yellow and green.

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Hawaiian Islands


The Big Island of Hawaii

The island of Hawaii is referred to as the “Big Island.” Hawaii owns this title as the biggest island because of its size – more than 4000 square miles and also the largest island in the United States.

However, the title of “Big Island” can also be attributed to the variety of things to see and do. On the big island of Hawaii, you have a host of options from viewing surface lava from a volcano to hiking through lush rainforests in Hilo. From snow-capped mountains to sugar-sand beaches, Hawaii earned the name of “Big Island.”

Volcanic Activity – On the big island of Hawaii, you have the opportunity to view surface lava flow. A visit to the Hawaii’s Volcano National Park will leave you speechless. Getting the opportunity to view volcanic activity is, in a way, a method to pay homage to what created Hawaii in the first place, not to mention it is a sight you will never forget.

Hawaiian Hiking – When you envision Hawaii in your mind, chances are you mostly think upon the endless stretches of beach. The big island is so much more than just sand and water. If you are an expert hiker or even if you are a first-time hiker, you will want to visit the Kilauea’iki Trail.

You can travel through the plush forest and get to climb in and out of the Kilauea’iki crater. How’s that for getting up close and personal with volcanic history in Hawaii?

Kau Desert – If you have adventure in your soul, you may want to consider a hike through Kau Desert. Within close proximity to a rain forest, this is an amazing sight to see. With ocean on one side and cliffs on another, you need to be a well-prepared seasoned hiker to cross through. This desert is the site of unfortunate historic happenings surrounding a volcanic eruption.

Of course, there are all the tourist attractions that are typical of Hawaii such as every water sport imaginable and sites that are steeped in history and culture, which Hawaii goes above and beyond to preserve.



If you get the rare opportunity to visit the island of Niihau, you are fortunate indeed. The island of Niihau is a privately owned island that has maintained its simple lifestyle based on Hawaiian tradition and culture.

While some travelers set off to go camping in order to soak in the idea of roughing it, a visit to Niihau is the real deal. There is no technology on the island with no plans of changing that any time soon either.

Known as the “Forbidden Isle,” Niihau is available to tourists on a limited basis. You can visit the isle either by receiving private invitation from the family or through one of the limited tours available to tourists. You can enjoy a refreshing swim in secluded waters or hope to spy some of the endangered species that call the island home.



Kauai gets to boast being the fourth largest island in Hawaii and also the fourth favorite of tourist visitors. Known as the “Garden Island,” Kauai is full of plush green vegetation and breathtaking waterfalls.

Na Pali Coastline – The miles of coastline that make up Na Pali coast are made up of millions of years of weather worn elements courtesy of Mother Nature. Here you can view breathtaking cliffs, plush greenery, exquisite waterfalls and secret caves.

Waimea Canyon – The Waimea Canyon is quite a sight to see being 14 miles long and more than 3,500 feet deep. You can take in panoramic views of the canyon as you stand on the overlook. If you are up for a hike, you can visit Kokee State Park where wildflowers wait to greet you as you make your way to view the breathtaking scenery of the canyon on your hike.

Hanalei Bay – If you love everything that involves water, then Hanalei Bay is where you want to be; with its mesmerizing bay and mountain backdrop, you can enjoy swimming and powerful surfing opportunities here.



Oahu is probably the most beloved of the islands with popular spots to visit such as Waikiki, Honolulu, and Pearl Harbor.

Diamond Head – Diamond Head is probably the most well-known volcano that is easily associated with Waikiki. The perfect combination of hiking and partaking in exquisite views, Diamond Head should be on every adventurer’s list of things to do.

Iolani Palace – Iolani Palace is part of what makes up the history and culture of Hawaii. If you need a break from volcanoes and beaches, then a visit to the palace is sure to be a breath of fresh air. You will learn about how royalty lived as part of Hawaii’s past.

Pearl Harbor – Just about everyone knows about the history of Pearl Harbor; however, knowing and seeing it are two different things. The USS Arizona is the most visited tourist attraction in Hawaii, and rightfully so as it depicts the history of World War II. As the final resting place of over one thousand men in the attack on Pearl Harbor, it is an honorable site indeed.



The Island of Maui gets to boast the title of second largest island. There is something mystical about the island of Maui from the winding roads to the sacred pools.

The Seven Sacred Pools – The seven sacred pools are part of the reason Maui is considered magical and mystical. These pools are beyond what words can describe. From the mountains to the ocean with reflective pools and beautiful waterfalls in between, this is a sight to experience. Swimming in these pools only makes the experience all the richer.

The Road to Hana – What would a destination be without a journey. Travel the well-known road to Hana and see why this winding road that carries you around the curves and over the bridges is so well loved. Stop by to see sights such as Wainapanapa State Park and Black Sand Beach, Hana Bay and the Seven Sacred Pools.



Kalaupapa Peninsula – Coming in at number five in size is the island of Molokai. A scenic visit is what you will get as you travel by mule down the Kalaupapa Peninsula. However, there is more than just beautiful scenery here. There is history steeped in compassion. Father Damien, a Belgian priest was the hero of this island. He devoted his life to the care of those stricken with leprosy. You can visit the National Historic Site.

Kamakou Preserve – If you are interested in off-the-beaten path adventures, hiking and rainforests, than this is the site for you to visit. Here you can view the surroundings, such as rare native birds, blossoms and plants.

Molokai Ka Hula Piko – As always, anywhere you go in Hawaii, there is culture and tradition. In May, there is a cultural festival that celebrates the origin and traditional folk lore that is Hula. You can enjoy music and dance Hawaiian style at this festival.



While Lanai might sound unfamiliar, it is actually in the top five islands to visit in Hawaii. The Lanai Culture and Heritage Center will give you more information that you had imagined about all the richness of Hawaiian culture.

Polihua Beach with its breathtaking scenery, golf courses that will entice you and art galleries to appeal to your intellect are all waiting for you on Lanai.



Last but certainly not least is the island of Kahoolawe. This island (among others) fits into the category of most likely to be unseen. This island is uninhabited and visitors are either limited or restricted; however, there is hope for the completion and funding of a restoration project.

So, if you thought Hawaii was only about hula, beach, sand and surf, you now have several other ideas to envision the next time you think of Hawaii.

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Hawaii Misconceptions


When you think of Hawaii, do you envision everyone lined up doing the Hula sipping on a pineapple coconut beverage with a small umbrella in it? Well, that is part of the tourism of Hawaii and some of its culture, as well; however, it’s not all that Hawaii stands for in all its essence.

There are quite a few misconceptions about Hawaii and here is a sampling of a few of them.


Not all Beaches are White Sand Beaches

While Hawaii is the epitome of paradise, there is so much more depth to it. There are beaches – endless sugar sand beaches and even black sand beaches just to name a few. Some of the beaches have colored sand, as well, due to the volcanic activity in the region.

Kaihalulu Red Sand Beach is a perfect example of a one-of-a-kind beach. While not for swimming and just for viewing, this beach is an exquisite find. If you like to hike and are up for an adventure, a trip to Kaihalulu Beach will leave you amazed. You may want to consider hiring a tour guide to get you over the terrain and down close enough to view.

Halawa Beach Park is another striking beach that has a black sand beach. If you have heard about the black sand beaches of Hawaii and have not yet visited, this one might be intriguing for you, especially if you’ve never seen a black sand beach before.


Everyone in Hawaii is Native Hawaiian

Contrary to popular belief, not every individual in Hawaii is native Hawaiian. According to, for the 2014/2015 year, only nine percent of the total population in Hawaii was Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander and only five percent was Native Hawaiian. As a matter of fact, the Asian population came in at thirty-eight percent while the white population came in second with twenty-four percent.

Moreover, in order to be considered a native Hawaiian, you must have the Hawaiian ancestry in your background. Moving to Hawaii – even if you’ve been there for decades – does not account for being a true native Hawaiian.


Everyone in Hawaii Speaks and Knows the Hawaiian Language

Hawaii has two official languages; Hawaiian and English. A very small percentage of the population of those living in Hawaii speak the native Hawaiian language. There are some unique and interesting components to the Hawaiian language.

For example, there are only thirteen letters in the Hawaiian alphabet and every word should end in a vowel. One of the consonants in the Hawaiian language is the glottal stop otherwise known as the ‘okina. The ‘okina is an important consonant because, depending on where it is placed, it has the power to change the meaning of a word. A small little character with a lot of power.


It Never Rains in Hawaii

Winters in Hawaii can bring a passing trade shower or a full-on rain depending on where you are located. For the most part, it is typical to see a rain shower during the day while the sun is beaming during the summer months. This is almost always followed by a majestic rainbow. It is no wonder why Hawaii’s rainbows are the most photographed.

Did you know that one of the wettest places on earth is in Hawaii? Mt. Waialeale on the island of Kauai gets close to five hundred inches of rain each year. That’s quite a bit of rain. No wonder why it boasts the title of one of the wettest places on earth.


Hawaiian Volcanoes are Asleep

Many people planning to visit Hawaii go with the intention of soaking up paradise. They are not even aware that Hawaii Volcanoes National Park even exists, nor are they aware that they can view surface lava in action. While the black sand beaches are there due to the remnants of previous volcanic activity, some of these volcanoes still make some waves – lava waves, that is.

Maunaloa and Kilauea are two volcanoes that are still active and part of the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. You can visit the park, go on a guided tour, and possibly see a surface lava flow.


The Big Island of Hawaii is the Most Popular

Most people believe that the Big Island of Hawaii is the most popular and the most populated. While the big island is certainly full of tourism activities, Oahu remains the most popular and the most populated of the eight Hawaiian Islands.

Oahu is the most popular possibly because the well-known area of Waikiki offers everything a tourist could ever dream of in a Hawaiian vacation from an assortment of hotels, restaurants and nightlife, not to mention miles and miles of sugar sand beaches. The convenience of getting to the major city, Honolulu, and world-class surfing experiences elsewhere on the island offer a mix of just about every vacation experience you could possibly seek. So whether you want to visit, the USS Arizona Memorial or get lost in Oahu’s endless beaches, you can find an eclectic assortment of experiences on the island of Oahu.

Now that you know these misconceptions about Hawaii, you may want to keep some distance between you and Mt. Waialeale so it won’t rain on your parade. You may even want to make plans in advance to visit Oahu or stay away completely if tourist destinations are not your style of vacation.

No matter what you choose, knowing what to expect and what not to expect will open up new experiences on your next trip to Hawaii.

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live longer in hawaii

It seems that Hawaii has one of the highest life expectancy ratings out of the United States. So, why are people who live in Hawaii so fortunate? Hawaii has a high cost of living like many other states such as New York.

Logic would dictate that a high cost of living would equate to a high-stress lifestyle due to working harder and trying to make more money just to keep up with the cost of living. So, what’s different about Hawaii?

There could be several factors that contribute to Hawaii’s high life expectancy rate.

Free Vitamin D – Courtesy of the Sun – In other states such as New York, there is something known as Seasonal Affective Disorder due to lack of sunshine and lack of Vitamin D; Hawaii does not suffer from this, however. There is always plenty of Vitamin D courtesy of an ever present sun.

Inhale and Exhale – In Hawaii, when you breathe in and out, you get the benefit of fresh air and plenty of aromatic scents from the exotic flowers there. This could have a direct impact on how you are feeling and the thoughts you are thinking. Hawaii has built-in aromatherapy.

The Right Foods – Vegetables, the freshest of fruits and plenty of fish make up the bulk of the Hawaiian diet. It’s no wonder that people living there, live longer.

Water, Water, Everywhere – Everywhere you look, you see water in Hawaii. Going for a swim in the ocean is not a difficult undertaking. Swimming is a natural choice for exercise in Hawaii even if it is just for a lunch-break swim.

A Zen State of Mind – Anyone who is in the field of personal development or even just a follower of matters of the mind knows that the state of your mind can have a major impact on your day, your week and most importantly your health.

If you start out your morning in a foul mood, chances are that this will spiral into an even worse day. There is a lot to be said about the attitude of Hawaiians in that there seems to be a happy-go-lucky foundation underneath it all. Research is beginning to show that thinking positive thoughts and being happy are some of the reasons to better health and longevity.

Strong Ties – A strong sense of community along with holding on to values and traditions makes a contribution to the Hawaiian lifestyle. This fostering of relationships with others makes for a sense of support, and promotes longer life, healthy living, and longevity just to name a few bonuses.

Fresh air, loads of sunshine, the scent of exotic flowers wafting under your nose and being surrounded by easy-going, happy-go-lucky people sounds like a recipe for longevity after all. Hawaii seems to have all the right ingredients.

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Fun Hawaii Facts


When you think about Hawaii, the first things that probably come to mind are paradise, hula dancers, luaus, and leis, right? That does pretty much sum up the basics about Hawaii. As if these things weren’t enough, there is more to Hawaii than meets the eye.

Hawaii is filled with legend and steeped in tradition, as well. Here is a sampling of some interesting things you really don’t need to know about Hawaii, but are fun just the same.


It’s all relative

If you have moved to Hawaii from elsewhere and even lived there for a decade or two, you don’t get to hold the title of true Hawaiian. You see, it doesn’t matter how long you have lived there, it matters, however, if you have ancestry that dates back to your roots in order to be known as an authentic Hawaiian.


Kona and coffee go together like a hand and glove

If you love coffee, you can thank Hawaii for its contribution. The United States gets its coffee from its own country – right from Hawaii – as compared to the numerous other countries from which the United States must also depend on for its coffee supply.

Kona is one of the more expensive coffees and rightfully so – with benefit-rich soil to grow in thanks to the volcanoes, this coffee is a contribution on two levels – first in its taste and second that the United States has privy to it.


Hawaii pays homage to royalty every year

Although part of the United States, Hawaii is steeped in tradition and holds true to its beliefs. Every year, Hawaii pays homage to King Kamehameha, their king.


The Hula is not for women only

If you think about hula dancers, chances are that you envision women in grass skirts. However, men are and have been hula dancers, as well. Numerous legends report that both men and women performed the hula from the beginning in order to pay homage to the volcanic goddess Pele.

Regardless of who started it, you can still find both men and women performing the hula for spiritual reasons, for entertainment and for tourism.


Life expectancy is longer

While Disney may be the happiest place, Hawaii may be the place for longevity. Studies are showing that the life expectancy in Hawaii is longer and for good reasons:

  1. Fresh local fish
  2. Plenty of exotic fruits
  3. Fresh air and plenty of sunshine
  4. And a happy easygoing way of life and an equally cheerful attitude to go along with it


If you thought visiting Hawaii was a good idea before, now you have a list of more interesting and fun facts to be more charmed by all that Hawaii is.


Legends of Hawaii


Every culture has its own traditions and most of them have some interesting legends, as well. Hawaii is no different, but you might think Hawaiian legends are more intriguing, interesting and even downright spookier than most.

Were you even aware of Hawaii’s many legends and, better yet, do you know why you should know them? Here are some of those legends and what could happen if you encounter them.

The Night Marchers

The tale of the Night Marchers is as real to the people of Hawaii as their culture. These stories are not just simply tales, but part of what makes up Hawaii’s steep history of legends.

The Night Marchers are said to be a group of warriors marching or hovering through the night while chanting chants and carrying torches. These supernatural marchers are said to have been seen in many areas in Hawaii and come out mostly at night. Legend has it these warriors are seeking vengeance in battle while others say they are seeking their eternal resting place.

Many Hawaiian’s will attest to having seen these ghostly warriors. If you are not into running into warrior apparitions at night then consider staying away from places such as the Kamehameha Battle Site and the town of Kaunakakai where the site of a sacred temple lies. Knowing where these sightings are is half the battle. Not looking at them if you do see them, is the other half. You may just find yourself as “one of them,” marching alongside them if you do make eye contact.

The Black Sand Beach

There are many exquisite black sand beaches in Hawaii and they really are a sight to see. Many tourists are tempted to – and do – take home black sand from Hawaii’s black sand beaches every year. Did you know, however, that this is breaking the number one rule of legends in Hawaii?

Legend has it that if you take any of the black sand, that Pele will wreak revenge on you and put a curse on you until all the black sand is returned. So, if you have taken black sand and lady luck has not been on your side ever since, consider taking a trip back to Hawaii as soon as possible.

Pele – the goddess of Fire

The saying about hell hath no fury certainly could apply to this legendary goddess. Pele, the goddess of fire does not care for those who take lava rocks or any remnants from her Hawaii home with them. She wreaks revenge, it is said, with those who steal from her by letting loose on her powerful use of fire.

Legend has said that those who have taken lava rocks or remnants from Hawaii home have experienced disaster such as fire.

If you visit Hawaii, then it might be in your best interest not to take any black sand or volcanic rocks or anything for that matter. It is said that hundreds of packages arrive in Hawaii each year containing…you guessed it – black sand and lava rocks.

There are many more legends from sharks who morph into men at will and gods and goddesses, but these are some of the main legends you should, at the very least, be aware of if visiting Hawaii any time soon. After all, you want the gods and goddesses on your side.


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Hawaii Auto Show

 When you think of Hawaii, chances are you think about beautiful hula dancers, exotic blooms and weather you can only find in paradise. However, have you ever considered the exhilarating combination of Hawaii and the latest cars, trucks and SUVs? Exhilarating is the perfect word to use when it comes to the 2015 Hawaiian Auto Show.

Exotic Vehicles in a Hawaiian Backdrop

The First 2015 Hawaiian Auto Show was held in the Hawaii Convention Center located in Honolulu and sets the backdrop for the event. The venue itself lends an exotic air that is perfectly suited for the auto show. The Hawaii Convention Center has a setting that incorporates the pristine beauty and nature of Hawaii with modern engineering and technology. What better combination than this to host the 2015 Hawaiian Auto Show?

With open airy outdoor architecture combined with modern technology, the Hawaiian Convention Center sets the stage.

A Little Lamborghini Goes a Long Way

If you are going to dream, might as well dream big with these exotic vehicles. The Lamborghini LP700 made its presentation to viewers and dreamers alike. With 700 Horsepower and the ability to go from zero to 60 in 3.0 seconds, it’s no wonder why. The unique green color also gives this vehicle an even more, “sit up and notice” attention-commanding vibe.

Falling for the Ferrari

One of the hottest cars showcased was the Ferrari California T which boasts the ability to go from zero to 60 in 3.3 seconds. As if that were not enough, it’s also a convertible. What better way to make your way around the exquisite curvy roads of Hawaii than to do so while surrounded by the curves of a convertible Ferrari.

Whether you are mad for a Ferrari or the new Maserati Ghibli, you may wish to sport a new look while seated in this sporty luxury vehicle.

Exotic vehicles were not all that was available at the First 2015 Hawaiian Auto Show. There were 350 vehicles to check out:

  • Suvs
  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Crossovers

From Beetles to Bentleys as well as a plethora of options, the Hawaiian First 2015 Auto Show was a spectacle in and of itself.

If you want to get your motor running and get into gear, take a trip to Hawaii and take in some of Hawaii’s alluring qualities while setting your sights on some exotic cars.

Hawaii adventure


Are you ready to go big and go to Hawaii? Maybe you’ve been to Hawaii before or are making your way there as a first-time visitor. Either way, you will want to do it up big – either on the Big Island of Hawaii or on one of the other islands.

Of course, there is so much to see and do as far as the traditional sights and sounds go. However, if you dig a little deeper, you may discover you can match your desire for adventure with opportunities just waiting for you to explore in Hawaii.

There are three great ways to be an explorer on your Hawaiian adventure; by land, by sea and by air.

Airtime Adventures in Hawaii

 Mighty volcanoes and tiny planes - While most of the tourists are heading over to visit the Diamondhead volcanic crater, you can hop aboard a vintage biplane and grab an aerial view over Kauai.

Picture yourself in an open-air cockpit with the wind in your hair and a majestic view all around you. You will get the sense that you are transported back into time as you sport an old-time helmet and goggles. With camera in hand, get ready to take in the spectacular views and even more spectacular photographs. Pristine waterfalls, volcanic craters, and the legendary sleeping giant are waiting for you to fly high.

A Little Luxury Goes a Long Way – While most vacationers are taking standard helicopter tours, think outside the box a little and consider chartering your own private helicopter. If you want to see a little glimpse of the unseen and do so in private, consider a private tour. Imagine being able to create your own itinerary in addition, and you have created an outstanding airtime adventure in Hawaii.

By Land

Take an Extreme Hike – If you enjoy hiking in general, then you will love going on an extreme hike in Hawaii – an extreme lava hike, that is. Consider taking a tour in Kalapana. The community of Kalapana saw a devastating change when the Hawaiian fire goddess known as Pele spewed lava all over its town. Take a hike and have the opportunity to view active lava from a safe viewing point. Imagine the nighttime pictures you will capture on your hiking lava tour.

Go for a Volcanic Bike Ride – Talk about extreme – while getting up in the wee hours of the night to go for a tour and take a bike ride might sound like anything but fun, you will get to experience the most exquisite sunset. You’ll also create the memory of a lifetime. Consider taking a tour to visit the Haleakala Volcano. When was the last time you can say that you saw the sunrise 10,000 feet above sea level?

By Sea

Explore Kona - If you’ve ever been snorkeling, you know it’s an adventure. Why not take that adventure up a notch and visit the coast of Kona. Go on an exhilarating adventure and take a trip to a secluded spot where you can explore underwater sea caves. Follow along as your guide leads you through a snorkel adventure of lava tubes and archways, stopping along the way to marvel at the rainbow of colored fish. Enjoy and be exhilarated by all the Kona coast has to offer.

Go Backcountry – Want to avoid the tourists and do something more unique? Visit the backcountry and go tubing through an old sugar plantation. Local guides will lead you as you meander down the water pathway while taking part in learning about lots of Hawaiian culture. Definitely something different.

Land, sea and air are the three top ways to become an adventurous explorer in Hawaii.



The Top 5 Reasons to Visit Hawaii in May and June


 Have you dreamed of a trip to the tropical isle of Hawaii, but wonder when the prime time to go is? Let’s face it, there really is no terrible time to visit the Isles of Hawaii; however, there are some times that will reap greater rewards than others.

For example, the months of May and June will find you enjoying all that is Hawaii with the added bonus of feeling like you are on an adventure all your own. Here are the top five advantages of visiting Hawaii in May and June.

Getting Acquainted with Hawaii’s Culture

 The Month of May – Just about everyone knows that the first thing that happens when you land on the isle of Hawaii is being greeted by a local who places a wreath of exquisite blossoms around your neck. These blossom that are true to native soil are strung together and are known worldwide as a lei. Well, in the month of May, Hawaii celebrates the creation of the lei and the exquisite flowers that are native to it, as well.

Young children take part in celebratory activities while the rest of the state celebrate their May Day with parades and other festivities, as well.

June – King Kamehameha Day – What better way to celebrate the heritage of Hawaii then to be present and accounted for on King Kamehameha Day. On this day of festivities, the king that unified the Hawaiian Islands is honored with a multitude of leis adorning his commemorative statue, music and dance, traditional Hawaiian food and, of course, Hula dancing.

If you ever wanted to tackle the Hula, June would be the perfect time to get your groove going.

Crowds are not a Big Issue

For some reason, August seems to be the hot season in Hawaii – not only weather-wise, but for larger crowds, as well. This may be due in part to traditional weddings taking place in August and plenty of honeymooners there for a visit.

May and June, however, are not as crowded which leaves you feeling as though you almost have the whole place to yourself in comparison to other months.

Weather is near Perfection

 If temperatures in the upper 70s to mid-80s appeals to you, then May and June may be the optimal times for your next Hawaiian vacation. If nice warm weather is on the top of your must-have list, for travel, then Hawaii is the perfect locale for your May or June vacation.

Minimal Rainfall

 For the most part, you can expect an occasional shower, but the good news is it will typically only last a few minutes. Afterward, you may even be invited to enjoy one of Hawaii’s beloved, raved about, and most photographed rainbows.

Cost Effective

Since May and June are not in high demand as far as travel goes, you will be able to soak up more than just sun – you may find reasonable rates to absorb during your pre-season vacation in Hawaii.

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