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Hawaii Travel Tips


Although 2015 is winding down to an end, it’s never too late to explore what’s trending in the world of travel; especially travel to Hawaii. There’s no better time to plan your next tropical vacation while facing the onset of another winter also known as, “snowmageddon.”

For some travelers, getting away from it all and enjoying cultural flavors of Kalua pig, poi, and tropical fruits rather than the traditional turkey is a new trend in itself. If you are planning or even thinking about going somewhere warm for the holidays, here are some top tips to trendy travel in Hawaii.


Dining and Eating

One of the biggest trends for travel to Hawaii is in the way visitors choose to dine and eat. More and more travelers are choosing to get acquainted with the food and culture of Hawaii. While there is no shortage of any type of meal on the islands of Hawaii, travelers want to get to know Hawaiian cuisine more personally.

Going above and beyond the tourist-like luaus, vacationers while the real deal, authentic Hawaiian experience. Travelers are dining at traditional, family-owned restaurants to get their taste of the exotic and delicious Hawaiian entrée known as lau lau or a food truck lunch plate of loco moco with a side of Spam meat. Travelers want the real deal when it comes to eating Hawaiian foods.


Philanthropic Vacations

There are organizations for travelers looking to give back to Hawaii while vacationing. These organizations offer visitors the opportunity to help sustain and maintain some of Hawaii’s vital resources while earning a discount on their stay.

One such organization is Volunteer on Vacation in Hawaii. Travelers have the opportunity to give back to Hawaii all that its natural beauty and splendor has given to its millions of tourists and visitors throughout the years.

Travelers get a sense of giving back while enjoying a little discount in paradise.


Go Tropical and Go Big in a One-of-a-Kind Way

If you want to head out for the holidays to a tropical destination, check out Uncommon Journeys. They are hosting an original trip that combines both rail and sail during Thanksgiving time. From November 25th through December 13th, you can enjoy train travel to San Diego followed up by a 17 night round trip journey to Hawaii through the Holland America cruise line.

There will be plenty of activities once you are on land and throughout the ports too. Imagine pulling into the tranquil waters of Hawaii’s coast, seeing volcanoes rise up from the ground and the endless miles of sugar-sand beaches. You’ll get to float along from one scenic setting to another as you cruise along your way. Talk about going tropical and going big.

Free train travel from any city makes it even more possible. Travelers all beginning to see the sense behind a new trend of saving up for an once-in-a-lifetime trip like this – even if it means skipping a vacation one year.


Hawaii’s New Resort

It’s always exciting when a new resort is trending and visitors are following and watching as it unveils. Hokuala is the “rising star” of Hawaii and is set to become the latest and greatest resort in Kauai.

A boutique hotel that covers the span of activities from biking and beach activities to spa and find dining experiences, along with signature golf course. The one-of-a-kind mix that makes this new resort so unique is that it combines the authentic culture with the needs of the visitors and the community. It truly looks to be a one-of-a-kind experience too.

You can eat like a native, give back through volunteerism or follow the latest rail and sail while waiting for your chance to visit the newest trending resort in Hawaii. Some trends are simply worth following.

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Hawaii Travel Tips

When planning for a trip to Hawaii, you will be, of course, excited beyond belief. You’ll want to spend some time, though, planning what to bring with you. There’s lots to see and do beyond the usual tourist stuff. You might sign up for a backpacking trip on the Kalalau Trail or in Haleakala National Park. You might even consider roughing it in paradise while camping out in Kalalau.

Whether you are taking on nature or nurturing yourself in luxury accommodations, here is a list of must-have items when visiting Hawaii:


1. Hotel Amenities – Sometimes when booking a trip, you forget to ask the simplest of questions. It takes some time and some skill to find the best deal combined with the best hotel. In the midst of all that exploration, you might forget to ask the basic questions.

-  Check the hotel to see if they offer an iron and board. Most of what you bring to Hawaii will be cotton, and cotton gets wrinkled easily.

- Ask if there is a microwave in the room. You may find yourself indoors for a short while during one of Hawaii’s famous rain showers and want to have a quick snack.

-  Even a mini-fridge is an added bonus. You can buy yourself a case of water for the price you might pay for one bottle at a popular tourist site.

- Find out if they have a laundry facility; this could be a life saver. Inquire if the hotel has a blow dryer; some hotels don’t offer this so don’t assume.

- Ask if there is a restaurant on premises and does it include breakfast.

- Don’t forget to pack some of your favorite non-perishable snacks.


2. Gear – If you have, it bring it. Know your itinerary beforehand. This will help alleviate spending time searching for and renting gear once you get to the islands. When you visit Hawaii, you want to spend more time doing activities than planning

- Hiking shoes; if you have them, bring them. There are so many gorgeous trails with breathtaking views on the islands of Hawaii, you’ll be glad you did.

- Waterproof lightweight jacket/sweater for nighttime

- Wear layers; you can bring a carry on with a mix of a little bit of everything


3. Protective Gear 

- Regardless of how you think you may look in a hat, it’s advisable to bring a hat or visor.

- Sunscreen – it’s better to bring your own than to pay high prices once you arrive on the islands.

- Extra shades – if you have an extra pair of sunglasses, bring a backup pair

- Don’t forget to bring extra contact lenses; the beach, sand and surf can wreak havoc on them.


4. Beach Bag Tote – Have you ever gone on vacation and forgotten your beach tote and find yourself carrying your beach wares in a plastic bag? Beach totes are easy enough to fold up small and pack in your suitcase.


5. Beach Towel – Bring your own beach towels; you’ll be glad you did, especially if the hotel has a laundry service. You can just pop in the swimwear and beach towels and be ready to go again the next day. Don’t buy beach towels on vacation. Save room in your suitcase for souvenirs.


6. Aloe Vera – Nobody wants to plan on getting sunburn, but if you do, you’ll be delighted that you packed some aloe vera cream in case the discomfort of sunburn hits in the middle of the night. When you are out having so much fun in the sun, it’s easy to lose track of applying that extra layer of sunscreen.


7. Your Itinerary – Make an itinerary before you go. How many times have you found yourself on vacation and asking everyone what they want to do only to get three or four different answers? When you have an itinerary, you don’t waste valuable vacation time.


8. Your Own Water Bottle – Bring your own water bottle you can refill. This saves you money. Moreover, lots of places in Hawaii are remote and use a “bring in/carry out” policy.


9. Electronics – Don’t forget your phone, camera, and computer charger, and your memory card. These items are quite expensive if you need to buy them while on vacation.


10. An Extra Tote – Bring an extra small tote for all those extra souvenirs you know you will be bringing.

With these top 10 must-have items, you’ll spend less time preparing and more time enjoying paradise.

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Hawaii Travel Blog

Is traveling to Hawaii on your bucket list? If you do go, of course, you’ll be busy checking out things to do, places to go, sights to see. You’ll probably even have an itinerary of activities along with the best possible hotels to stay and even luaus to enjoy. However, if you’ve never been to Hawaii or are hoping to go “someday” soon, why not take your travel planning to the next level. There are pitfalls in traveling anywhere, but knowing them ahead of time is worth their weight in gold.

Here are 7 Pitfalls to Avoid before Traveling to Hawaii


Not Investigating Hurricane Season

If you’ve waited forever to go to Hawaii, saved and planned for what seems like a lifetime, don’t forget to look into when it’s prime hurricane season in Hawaii. You’ll probably be so busy thinking of how beautiful it is once you get to paradise, you may overlook its hurricane season – excitement can do that. Forgetting to look into the seasonal changes during Hawaii’s hurricane season, could be a damper on your dream vacation.

Typically, Hurricane season runs from June 1 through until November 30. That’s not to say that Mother Nature could change her mind at any given time, though. If you do plan any traveling during those times, you may want to explore the past weather history of the islands you intend to visit.

If you do book your visit during these times, ask your hotel questions, get tips and advice, do your research beforehand, check in with your airline carrier, and stay up-to-date. With so many mobile apps, you can easily stay ahead of the game.


Traveling when it’s Prime Tourist Time

If you want to make the most out of your Hawaiian vacation, don’t travel during peak tourist times; especially if it’s your first time. Peak tourist times are typically during Christmas time in late December through New Year’s, during snowbird season from January to middle of February, and during spring break season usually in the months of March and April.


Not Planning Ahead With Apps

We live in the most advantageous time to do everything with the ease and use of technology – especially mobile technology like apps. There are some useful apps you could use to plan ahead for your Hawaii vacation:

  • Maps.Me – if you need an offline map, this is a great app, especially for those isolated hikes you might take through the hills and mountains of Hawaii.
  • Surfing apps – if you want to stay abreast of the latest surfing conditions, make sure to download your favorite surfing app, which will keep you ahead of the game.
  • Hawaii News Now – from weather to world reports, you can get all your important info with this app.
  • Weather apps – a good weather app can go a long way, especially when traveling to Hawaii. You can keep abreast of tropical storm warnings and weather watches as well as get surf updates.


Not Doing Your Research

So many visitors get excited about their trip to paradise, they forget to do extra research or to do their homework beforehand. Do your research.

  • Find the best time to travel
  • Look for the best deals
  • Discover package deals
  • Research airline/hotel/tourist deals
  • Watch out for updates


Not Checking Reviews for Accuracy

It’s nice to ask friends and family their opinions, but remember this is only their experience and not necessarily yours. Check out the forums, read up on readers’ choice awards, and check out reviews too. If they all match up with a negative experience on one particular adventure, then you can feel a little more secure to stay away, as well.


Not Comparing and Contrasting Your Prices

If you are visiting Hawaii, chances are you’re looking to get away from all that stress. You don’t want to do the work of comparing and contrasting prices because it feels like work. However, once you do the work, you’ll be glad you did. Getting the best deal and the most value is rewarding and will give you the best Hawaiian experience too.


Not Keeping an Eye on Fuel Prices

Keep an eye out for fuel prices. The lower the prices, the lower the air fare and the more the competition. If you don’t keep an eye out for fuel prices, how will you get the best deal? The more competition, the better it is for you.


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Travel to Hawaii

Sure, plenty of people go to Hawaii to savor miles and miles of white sandy beach between their toes or to interact with all the amenities of the ocean. You can surf, swim, kayak, and canoe or get some much-needed relaxation as you de-stress while walking along the Hawaiian shores.

There are so many more ways to indulge all your senses when you visit Hawaii. From tasty treats and feel-good feelings, you can enjoy all the sights and sounds of a Hawaiian excursion. Six incredible islands, all with their own fragrance and flair.


Treat your taste buds -You probably think of pineapples and coconuts when you think of the tastes of Hawaii, but there is so much more than this. While Hawaiian fare blends these popular ingredients into its cuisine, it also includes some history and culture into the mix. Of course, you can indulge in tourist events such as a hosted luau served with roast pig and poi, but there’s nothing like an authentic taste of any land.

Tropical Farms of Hawaii is one such place. There you can take a tour and treat your taste buds to the buttery, delectable taste of macadamia nuts and savor some coffee from home-grown regions. Additionally, if you haven’t heard, coconut milk is all the rage. Here at this farm, you can quench your thirst with the taste of the sweetest and coolest coconut water from your very own coconut. If all that touring is making you crave something sweet, try your taste buds on a malasada with the sweet, moist goodness of everything you’d expect from a Hawaiian doughnut.

In the mood to taste some authentic Hawaiian food? No worries, everywhere you turn, you can get your taste buds on some Poke – tender, marinated, fresh ahi tuna.

Go cuckoo for Kulolo – a Hawaiian dessert made from taro, sugar and, of course, coconut milk.

Go Crazy for some Loco Moco – a dish consisting of hamburger, rice, a fried egg and topped with gravy.


What’s that sound? If you are present to the experience of actually being in Hawaii (as opposed to trying to cram it all in one visit), you can savor the sounds of these islands.

Get in tune with the rhythmic sounds of the ukulele as you sit and enjoy a tasty, festive luau.

Listen for the call of the ocean while the conch shell is blown, signifying the beginning of a festive evening.

Get present to the sounds of nature as you tour a rainforest. The exotic birds have a song just for you.

Of course, there is the thrashing, crashing sound of the waves as they hit the multi-colored shores from pearly white to black sand beaches.


The Feel of Paradise – Nuuanu Pali Lookout, Oahu offers you a real deal experience. You will have the wind at your back and the ocean breeze on your face as you bask in the view overlooking the Oahu coastline.

Shop the local markets where you can touch and feel the wares and choose the best fruits to delight your other sense – your taste buds. There’s nothing quite like visiting a local outdoor market to touch and feel the arts and crafts and find the one that suits you the best.

Of course, feeling the sand between your toes, but also in your hands – build a sandcastle, feel the warmth of the sun as you embrace the essence of tropical bliss.


The Smell of the Ocean – If you take a moment to really inhale and take in the scent of the ocean, you just might smell the sea salt and that beautiful fragrance that only the sea can give you.

Trade winds are your own personal delivery person while in Hawaii. It can bring the scent of a multitude of exotic flowers from frangipani to perfumed passionflower wafting under your nose.

Salmon, chicken, and pork are also on top of the list of savory scents in Hawaii. Any time you get a hint of these tasty foods, you can be sure that someone somewhere is hosting a luau.


An Abundance of Sights – Suffice it to say, that the most overloaded sense is the sense of sight. There is so much to see in Hawaii that it would take hundreds of articles to cover them all.

Rainforests, mountains, volcanoes, and beaches along with winding and twisting roads leave your sights on overload. From the creatures in the rainforest to the habitants of the sea, you won’t believe your eyes.

From the Halona Blowhole, a lava tube capable of spewing water up dozens of feet in the air to smoky volcanic clouds and the glow of overflowing lava spilling out from a volcano, Hawaii is a sight to be seen.

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Molokai Travel


When you consider any of the islands of Hawaii, you may think there’s no need to define any of them other than as paradise. You would be right in that thought. However, it’s nice to take a comprehensive look at all the islands and see which one matches your personality. Not only do you want to see which island of Hawaii is most in alignment with who you are, it’s also important to seek out which island suits your vacation needs best.

When traveling to Hawaii, you want to make every moment count. It’s not often you get to visit paradise on earth, after all. If you are seeking lively entertainment and lots of tourist attractions, you may want to stay on Waikiki Beach. For a more laid back, authentic vibe, Moloka’i may be just the remedy you need for a life lived on overload where all you want to do for a while is disconnect.


Weather in Paradise

Depending on when you visit, you can expect the weather temperatures to be anywhere from the high 70s to upper 80s. Some parts of the island are warmer and drier while certain parts, such as those closer to the rainforest, are wetter and cooler. Either way, this island is a nature-lover’s dream.


Being One with Nature

Out of all the islands, Moloka’i is a favorite for those who appreciate authentic nature experiences. This island is known for the having the friendliest of residents. Their way is the authentic way. You can enjoy fishing, surfing, kayaking, and surfing right alongside those who inhabit the island.

You won’t be likely to find yourself waiting in long lines, waiting for heavily populated tourist destinations here. You will be rubbing elbows with the locals as you try your hand at sport fishing. From horseback riding to mountain biking, the outdoors is your playground in Moloka’i.


For the Athlete in All of Us

Once you arrive on the island, you cannot help but feel connected to the beautiful, natural surroundings. The warm sunlight and trade wind breezes will make you want to devour everything natural and outdoors you possibly can.

There is a hiking experience for every hike lover and for every level, at that. You get to choose from mountain or valley to shoreline in between. If your idea of an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime hike is viewing breathtaking scenery from an overlook, uncovering secret pools or passing by an historical site, then a hike on Moloka’i is medicine for your soul.


The Greens in the Greenest Place

As if Moloka’i was not green enough itself with its rainforests and plant life, you can visit a different kind of green – The Greens at Kauluwai (Ironwoods Gold Course). Who could be better than you as you playing a round in the beautiful and serene natural setting of Moloka’i?


Kalaupapa National Historic Park

The Kalaupapa peninsula is where those afflicted with leprosy were sent. The park offers insight and testimony to those who lived out their lives in isolation as they suffered from this terrible disease. The historic preservation of the buildings, the museums and the cemetery all tell the untold story of those who lived, suffered, and died there.


Halawa Valley

If you wish to take one of the most impressive hikes of your life, then step into Halawa Valley and take a step back into time when Polynesians lived, roamed and worshipped. Mooula Falls are waiting for you to view their two-tiered magnificence. So grab a guide and go take a hike in one of the most exquisite and untouched places on the planet.


Papohaku Beach

On this flawless, white-sand beach, you will feel as though you are on your own private property. Its seclusion adds to its beauty and charm. You will find picnic tables, the most pristine place to walk on the beach, and be able to enjoy snapping prize-winning photographs to call your own. Picnic tables under the trees and picturesque scenery with miles of sugary sand beaches underfoot will help you let it all go on this solitary beach.


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Hawaii Travel Tips


It’s not every day that you get to go on a trip to Hawaii. Some people use the expression, “It’s not about the destination, but the journey.” When it comes to planning ahead for your trip to Hawaii and setting foot in paradise, it’s about both the journey and the destination. If you had to think of anything more fun than both planning and arriving on your trip to Hawaii, not too many things could compare.

If you do have intentions to visit Hawaii, but aren’t quite ready yet, that’s good news too. It’s never too early to plan ahead for a trip to paradise. If Hawaii is on your wish list, but you haven’t had time to do much research yet, there are a host of reasons to visit the Big Island.


Top 3 Reasons to Go Visit Hawaii

  • The weather is idyllic. Temperatures are between 80 and 85 degrees, not too hot, with the trade winds blowing and the golden sun shining, it’s near perfect. Even when it rains, a few minutes later you get the benefit of one of Hawaii’s famous rainbows immediately afterward.
  • The epitome of relaxation – not only is the weather sublime and the surroundings glorious, the people are some of the most laid back and relaxed folks you will find. If you are in need of a much-needed rest and relaxation destination, the Big Island is the place for you.
  • Something for everyone – from weddings to honeymoons and family reunions to singles’ events, there is something for everyone in Hawaii. Dancing, nightlife, beach activities and water sports, historic tourist attractions and even volcanoes, there’s never a dull moment – until you say there is. With endless beaches and deep blue waters, you can pull up a hammock and not move until you want to.

Once you have your mind set that this is the perfect destination for you, it’s time to plan ahead.


Choose Your Island

This is where some of the work comes in; however, by planning ahead, you can get a clear idea of which island best suits your needs. Many families and couples, however, visit more than one island on their trip to Hawaii.

  • Hawaii – waterfalls, rainforests and volcanoes
  • Maui – the road to Hana
  • Oahu – Home to the historic Pearl Harbor sites and Waikiki
  • Kauai – famous sea cliffs of the Napali Coast
  • Molokai – deep connection to Hawaiian culture and heritage
  • Lanai – luxury, romance and R&R

What type of activities do you intend to partake in – historical and cultural or water-based sporting activities? Are you looking for pure relaxation or romance on the beach? Once you know which island you want to visit and what you want your itinerary to look like, next is the accommodations.



There are quite a few things to think about when it comes to which accommodations you will choose.

  • Do you want to book a package deal with an online discount travel service combining air fare, hotel and excursions? Or would you prefer to go it alone and compare and contrast the various deals?
  • Where would you like to stay? All inclusive resort, small beach hut or a condominium? Would a service such as Airbnb suit you where you can rent a room or a small house from a private owner and come and go as you please?
  • What is your budget? Economy or luxury or somewhere in between. When you know your budget ahead of time, you have more than enough time to save.


Credit Cards and Frequent Flyer Miles

If you play your cards right – credit cards, that is – you might get a super deal on your airfare to Hawaii. Shop around and seek out the best credit card deals that offer the best frequent flier reward programs, whether it is an airline credit card or private card. If you travel for business a lot, those points can add up nicely. If you play your cards right, you may get some pretty substantial discounts on your airfare.

Look for cards that offer flexibility and the ability to transfer and use your points toward airfare and/or hotels accordingly. Pay attention to the fees, rules and requirements and you may be pleasantly surprised that you find yourself with quite a few extra points adding up before you know it. It might take some time and effort, but again, if you plan ahead, it can be well worth your while.


Ask for Discounts

Many a traveler has received some pretty decent discounts simply for being a “newbie” to a hotel, resort or restaurant. Businesses want happy customers, but more importantly, they want repeat customers. Never be afraid to politely ask for an incentive to visit, dine or stay and offer the reward of coming back with your entire family.

Even ask to book excursions in advance and receive a discount for doing so; you never know who just may say yes to your request.

These starter tips will help you plan ahead well in advance so that you can have the most enjoyable visit when your feet finally do hit the ground in paradise.

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Hawaii Golf Courses

Imagine yourself on top of the world with the trade winds in your hair and a golf club in your hand, with the ocean as your view. That’s just a little slice of what’s it’s like to enjoy golf in Hawaii. Golfers from around the world come to visit Hawaii to play a round or two, or several for that matter. From breathtaking seascapes to signature holes, golfing in Hawaii is more than a slice of paradise. While Honolulu may be the capital of Hawaii, Hawaii is the capital of golf, which just happens to be located in paradise.

Whether it’s independent, within a resort or public, there is no loss for variety of golfing experiences in Hawaii. From one island to the next, from one coast to the other, each has its own awe-inspiring view. From beginner to seasoned pro, your golf experience in paradise awaits.


Kohala Coast

The Kohala Coast gives new definition to the term black and blue. You get to view the black lava rock formations set against the backdrop of the deep blue ocean, which is a contrast that you will not soon forget. Then, there are the white sand beaches and lush green fairways for more eye-pleasing enjoyment. While there are plenty of places around the states to play golf overlooking beautiful oceans and bays, the Kohala Coast is unique unto itself.



Imagine yourself on the 18-hole championship golf course designed by none other than golf legend Jack Nicklaus himself. This signature golf course has every amenity you could want or need. With food and beverage stops along the way and the Hualalai Grille at the end and a view that will make it difficult to keep your eye on the ball, you will want for nothing on this green.


Mauna Kea

The Mauna Kea golf course at Mauna Kea Beach Hotel has much to boast about, from its designer, Robert Trent Jones, Sr. to being graced by Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus. Less than a decade ago, the Mauna Kea underwent some state-of-the-art renovations. If you want the best of the best, then the Mauna Kea is for you.


Mauna Lani

Talk about an once-in-a-lifetime experience; that’s what the North course of the Mauna Lani Resort is. It was built on a lava bed, of all things. This signature course is more like a mix of photo opportunities and golf with its appearance of wild goats, mesquite forests not to mention its one-of-a-kind 17th hole. Natural lava, golf and goats – one-of-a-kind, for sure.


Club at Hokuli’a

A little more than a decade old, this club is a private club overlooking the ocean. The view could not be more impeccable or impressive. This Jack Nicklaus golf course has something special indeed. It combines a highly challenging course with exquisite views and atmosphere. It’s quite an intoxicating mix.

When you play golf in Hawaii, your senses may very well go on overload, from the lush greens to the deep blue ocean, to the black or white sand beaches and the bluest of skies, you will be in awe. Whether you are seeking an exclusive club, a one-of-a-kind experience, are a beginner or a pro, there is a course with your name on it in the paradise known as Hawaii.

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Running in Hawaii


For some, running is a pastime while for others it is a way of life. If you were to ask a daily runner why they run, the answer may be to stay healthy or to alleviate stress. While hardcore runners might say it’s in their veins and it opens up the valve to adrenaline for them. Can you imagine anything better than being a runner and being in Hawaii? It could be a place where your passion meets paradise. Some races are an annual tradition, while others still are for a higher cause; but, no matter the reason, runners hit the road in paradise.

The Family Promise 5K Fun Walk/Run

The Family Promise 5K Fun Walk/Run is one of those instances where fun and running gathered together for a good cause. Hundreds of participants gathered together recently to run and walk for a cause – that cause was to help put an end to homelessness on the beautiful isles of Hawaii.

The Family Promise of Hawaii was the sponsor for this philanthropic event. The premise behind the event was to raise awareness and to also highlight how their foundation helps families to avoid homelessness through innovative programs offering food and shelter as well as a means toward gainful employment.

Within a period of a few short months, many families have been able to rebound from homeless status to finding housing. Can you imagine the exhilarating feeling of running a race in paradise combined with running for a good cause? It just doesn’t get any better than that.


The Kauai Marathon and Half Marathon

If you missed the Family Promise 5K, no worries – there are plenty more running events throughout the islands. The Kauai Marathon and Half Marathon is a perfect example. Besides the fact that the race is being held in Poipu, Kauai, this race is extra special. Prior to the race, there will be a concert on the lawn on Friday, September 4th. The concert kicks off the race and will host an assortment of enticing treats for the whole family.

Tasty treats, beer, wine and cocktails will be available as the Poipu Athletic Club teams up with the Kauai Marathon to get everyone geared up for the race that Sunday, September 6, 2015.


Honolulu Marathon and Race Day Walk

Are you considering a trip to Hawaii during December to get away from cold, blustery weather elsewhere? If you are a runner and wondering where to run your next race, think no further than Honolulu if you are adventurous enough. If beginning a race at 5:00 a.m., watching the sun rise over Honolulu and hitting the pavement feels right to you, then December 13, 2015 is your date.

This race attracts thousands upon thousands of runners each year, and is the fourth largest marathon in the United States. With more than four decades of experience under its belt, the Honolulu Marathon and Race Day Walk is a well-organized and enjoyable experience for all.

The 26.2 mile journey will leave you feeling exhilarated and in awe of all the beauty you will take in along the path.

If running a marathon in paradise makes your heart skip a beat, why not consider joining the thousands who participate in any one of Hawaii’s great races and make your dreams come true.

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Hawaii Scenery


Everyone who has ever been to Hawaii knows that it’s all about the beaches and the sunsets. Of course, Hawaii’s beaches are silky smooth ribbons of white and its waters are aquamarine gems to swim, snorkel and play in; but there is more to Hawaii than just its pristine beaches and indescribable sunsets.

There are also, of course, volcanoes complete with lava flow, rainforests and waterfalls. Don’t forget to throw in some winding twisting roads that will leave your hair standing on end. From waterfalls to winding roads, here are some of the best of the best Hawaii has to offer.


Hanakapi’ai Falls

For some, it’s the vision of a magnificent waterfall that makes the destination so exhilarating. For others, it’s more about the journey. Some hikers love the trail as much as the pot of gold at the end – the breathtaking waterfall. Others enjoy the experience of being in a remote and secluded location.

The Na Pali coast, for some, is referred to as one of the most beautiful coasts there is. If you choose to hike in the Na Pali coast, your trek may begin with the Kalalau Trail, leading you to Hanakapi’ai beach and then up further toward the Hanakapi’ai Falls.

This trail is not for the faint of heart as conditions can sometimes be laden with slippery mud, steep inclines and declines, as well as narrow foot pathways and loosened rock underfoot. Make sure to bring appropriate supplies of water, and be prepared to view one of the most majestic waterfalls as it cascades over and dives into a deep pool below.


Rainbow Falls

Rainbow Falls is 80 feet of exquisite beauty located in Hilo, Hawaii. As the water majestically plunges into the river below, you have a good chance at capturing a shot of a rainbow gracing its dive. Rainbow Falls is surrounded by lush tropics. The falls lead into the Wailuku River where there is some possible royal history attached to it.

If you seek an easier visit to see one of the most magical falls, then Rainbow Falls is definitely for you. Visit Wailuku River State Park for a picture-perfect postcard view of one of the most gorgeous waterfalls in a lush tropical setting you will ever set sights on.


Pools of Ohe’o

You may have heard the term, “The Seven Sacred Pools” while exploring your visit to Hawaii. The pools belonging to the Haleakala National Park in Maui offer you beautiful waterfalls leading into several pools in which you can play and swim. Stunning and exhilarating are two perfect words to describe the experience of visiting the Seven Sacred Pools.

These pools are quite popular and just as crowded. So if you enjoy having a one-of-a-kind experience in a pool of wonder and enjoy sharing it with many others, the Seven Sacred Pools are sure not to disappoint.


Akaka Falls

This waterfall lives in beautiful Akaka Falls State Park. When you visit the park, you have the opportunity to take a hike that will fill all your senses. Breathe in the scent of wild orchids as you make your way through a lush rainforest. From there, continue your hike to view one of the smaller water falls known as Kahuna Falls. Go forward and loop around until you are in awe of the spectacular Akaka Falls which is known to be more than a 400 foot drop, giving the appearance that it is a secret treasure in the middle of everything. Take it all it as you view this waterfall plummeting downward into its pool and admire the beauty and majesty of nature.

If all this magnificence is not enough for you and you seek even more adventure, why not spin your wheels on Maui’s famous Hana Coast.


Hana’s Maui Coast

High above Hana’s Maui’s coast, dotted with black sand beaches, you will find the road to Hana. If you want somewhere to leave all your cares behind, this is the place to do it. As you drive over the slithering cliffs of the road to Hana, there’s nothing else to think about other than the drive itself.

Here, you can experience the view of Hawaii’s beautiful oceans and lush greeneries while getting a thrill-rush of a ride all the while. This coast offers more than 50 miles of winding curves, with just as many bridges – some of which are only big enough for one lane – as it snakes around until you come to a stop. Enjoy the feeling of being in the middle of the most beautiful nowhere you have ever seen. Leave your cares behind and understand that there are places like this on earth that are few and far between.


Waimea Canyon Drive

If the thought of Hana’s Maui Coast terrifies you a bit too much, then try your way on Waimea Canyon Drive. While there are curves, turns and cliffs, most people who have traveled this road say it’s more for the tame at heart as opposed to the road to Hana. The Waimea Canyon will remind you of all the glory and beauty of the Grand Canyon only smaller scale. With rugged terrain and an impressive and dramatic view of Kauai’s landscape, you can view the canyon at the overlook.

From rugged terrain with winding, serpentine curves to majestic rainbow waterfalls, these place are sure to leave an impression on your heart and mind. Be sure to check to see current conditions and openings on all before you go.

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Hawaiian Island


If you are planning a trip to Hawaii for the first time, there is so much to consider. Do you want to be an island hopper or do you want to stay put in one place and what kind of experience are you intending to have? Traveling to Hawaii, for many, is an once-in-a-lifetime adventure. You want to be certain that you make the most of it and are as informed as possible.

The moment you open a brochure or search online about traveling to Hawaii, it is easy to become enthusiastic – overwhelmingly enthusiastic, at that. There is one important factor you need to consider as you set out to create the details of visiting Hawaii. After all, you don’t want to stress out before you head to paradise.


One of the Most Important Factors to Consider before Visiting Hawaii

Anyone who is even half-awake will be excited at the possibility of venturing to Hawaii. However, after the excitement has waned a bit, you will want to get down-to-earth about your visit. Here is the number one question that needs answering beforehand:


What Kind of Experience do you want to Have?

Of course visiting the Hawaiian Islands are exquisite and blissful, but what kind of experience are you seeking? Are you seeking to go after one hundred percent rest and relaxation? Or are you looking to get in touch with nature in the form of Hawaii’s volcanoes, waters and mountains? Once you choose your adventure, picking a destination is that much easier.

Kauai might be the best choice for you, for example, if you are seeking rest and rejuvenation combined with natural adventure such as kayaking. Kauai has waterfalls and mountains that will offer you the experience of being that close to nature. Kauai also offers a more authentic cultural experience both in its food and in its terrain. You can kayak its waters or visit the Na Pali Coast for a remote, out-of-the-way experience.

If you are a sightseer, then Oahu may be the best choice for you. Many visitors to the Hawaiian Islands choose Oahu as it serves as the perfect choice for home base. From there, you can bounce over to the many other islands. In addition, if you are a lover of sightseeing, you can visit Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona.

The islands of Molokai and Lanai offer a more authentic Hawaiian experience and are the perfect choices for rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. If you can’t de-stress in one of these islands, you may need to stay a while longer.

While the big island of Hawaii has it all. If you want to experience nature in the form of volcanoes at the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park or get to know the ocean better, rest and relax during the day and then hit the nightlife at night, the big island may be the perfect choice for you.

Maui is perfect if you want to taste the culture of Hawaii, but stay in one of its luxurious resorts. Maui is all about mixing luxury from resorts to dining with combining long, windy roads and traditional luaus.

Of course, visiting Hawaii is thrilling, exciting and adventurous; however, once you have gotten used to the excitement and can focus on the notion of what type of adventure you want to experience, your trip will be that much more fulfilling. From exciting and remote beaches to winding, turning roads up toward the mountains to rest and relaxation and traditional Hawaiian culture, the choices on the beautiful isles of Hawaii are just about endless.



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