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Turn your dream of moving the paradise a reality.  Make sure to do your homework and research well before you take the big step.  Here are some tips to help you out along the way.

 Budget Finances

Hawaii has one of the highest costs of living in the United States. Make sure to plan out and budget your finances correctly.


Hawaii has its own style and culture.  Life is more laid back and slow paced. In general things will take longer to get done (like getting your mattress delivered) since business runs slowly. Keep this in mind when planning your move. It’s a big cultural change for many people so be prepared to slow down.


Finding a job may take longer in Hawaii keep this in consideration. Make sure to tart your job search in advance. Start your job search after you have arrived, it’s easier to secure a job when you are in Hawaii.  There is a high turnover rate of people that move here and miss home. This sometimes makes companies hesitant of hiring people that have just moved here. Make it known that you here to stay.


Hawaii is beautiful year round take advantage of this. Experience the beauty Hawaii offers by keeping active outdoors, eating fresh organic foods and taking a dip in the ocean whenever you want. If you start to miss home on the mainland think of why you moved there in the first place and Embrace your new life on “Hawaiian Time”.


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It’s a New Year and a New Election Year at that. What better time to think about starting a new relationship than in 2017? More importantly, what better way to meet someone than while on a travel vacation for singles. There are plenty of ways to meet someone new like online dating or just out and about on your daily adventures, but traveling is a great way to make a new connection.


When it comes to travel, you probably think of romance when you think of Hawaii. Believe it or not, Hawaii is a great destination for singles too. There are many agencies that cater exclusively to the singles group.

There are so many adventurous activities for singles on the islands of Hawaii. While couples are getting their massages, having romantic dinners and enjoying sunset cruises, singles are out hiking, ziplining and snorkeling. There are just as many tour companies that cater to this elite group.

For specific names of tour agencies, check out this article here:

Singles Cruises

Singles cruises are becoming more and more popular as time goes by. What’s great about singles cruises is the variety. There are plenty of fabulous locations and there are even themed cruises for singles to enjoy. The fun doesn’t stop once the cruise is booked either. There are plenty of on-board activities which are organized through the carrier. From the minute the cruise starts until the minute it ends, there’s plenty of fun and adventure.


If you think spring break for college kids when you think of Miami, think again. Miami is the up and coming spot for singles to travel to. Single get to hang out at the beach by day and enjoy an active and vibrant night life by night.

Puerto Rico

It’s close enough to get to, it’s a territory of the United States and you don’t even need a passport. Puerto Rico offers a relaxing day life with a vibrant night life. If you want a more adventurous excursion for your singles vacation, you can visit the rain forest, trek through the jungle, explore a cave or go snorkeling.

By night, you can take a romantic moonlight ride on Bioluminescent Bay where the water turns a deep blue when touched because of the organisms that live there. Paddle your way through the mangroves and be part of another enchanted world. You never know, you just might fall in love.

New York, New York

If you can’t find love in the city that never sleeps, where can you find it? New York offers so much that the only way to wrap your head around it is to get a guidebook. You can go from eating in Little Italy to double decker ride through Times Square and a picnic in Bryant Park. Museums, shows, night life – New York has it all. Of course, don’t forget a visit to Central Park – the perfect spot to walk hand in hand with a new connection you made while you were there.

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Of course, every year is a year to remember the attack on Pearl Harbor. What makes this year more significant? It is the 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. On December 7, 1941, just before 8:00 a.m., a Japanese dive bomber made its way through the sky and toward the island of Oahu.

Several hundred more Japanese warplanes followed suit. It was one of the most horrific attacks on the United States. Descending upon Pearl Harbor and unleashing its terror, this attack by the Japanese left behind something that Americans will commemorate and also remember forever.

Commemoration ceremonies as well as many other special events took place. From musical tributes in honor and in memory of those fallen to the ringing of the Spirit of Liberty Foundation Freedom Bell, those lives that were lost were remembered in honorable ways.

A musical tribute with over 1,000 students paying homage to those who served our country was scheduled to offer “A Gift of Music” to remember the fallen heroes while the annual wreath presentation was scheduled to take place earlier in the morning. While some are too young to know much about that fateful day other than what they learn in their history books, others remember it quite clearly.

Then there are those who are old enough to talk about it, remember it, and recant some of the events of that day. One such example, is the oldest known Pearl Harbor Veteran who is 104 years’ young. He is no stranger to the events of that fateful day and made plans for a special trip to the site 75 years later.

Not only is it amazing in and of itself that he is a 104-year old survivor of the human race, but also that he is a survivor in more ways than one. Before he could take on taking the trip, he also took on bulking up a bit with the help of a personal trainer. He may have put on a few pounds, but it was all muscle as he worked hard to work out.

You can tell just by his story that this is the type of man we can all be thankful for who served and honored our country. He has an amazing story and, more importantly, an amazing spirit.

You can read more about him and his special trip to Hawaii to celebrate the 75th anniversary and commemoration of the attack on Pearl Harbor here:

Dedication, determination and service are great words to describe him and his service to our country.

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Hawaii is known for many things; it’s gorgeous sunsets, majestic rainbows, enchanting rain forests and steaming volcanoes just to name a few. There is also a love of culture among the native Hawaiians living there. One of the lesser known details of Hawaii might be its abundance of coffee farms with Kona coffee being one of the rarer commodities.

A visit to Hawaii can be as typical or as diverse as you want it to be. You can make your way through the rainforest or visit a coffee plantation. Renting a house in an off-the-beaten path part of Hawaii is a great way to experience the culture better. If you’ve never been to Hawaii or are just planning to revisit sometime soon, here are a few ideas of what happens in Hawaii.


In the late 1970s, the Iron Man Triathlon was conceived. It was a way to combine the most rigorous endurance races in categories of swimming, running, and bicycling. Recently in October, thousands of athletes competed in the triathlon with hundreds of thousands in prize money awarded.
For more photos and info on the Iron Man, check it out here: Iron Man

Coffee & Chocolate

What’s better than coffee and chocolate? Coffee and chocolate in Hawaii is the answer. On October 21, 2016, there will be a coffee and chocolate festival held in Kauai. There will be music performances, presentations, and silent auctions. Don’t forget the best part of all: coffee and chocolate samplings and workshops.

Hawaii Food & Wine Festival

If you’re not a coffee and chocolate connoisseurs, no worries, you can have your fun with food and wine instead. On October 22, 2016 you can take part in one of the most well-known and well-loved – not to mention long-awaited for- events of the year.
The Hawaii Food & Wine Festival has seven world-renowned chefs serving a six-course meal, and it’s held in Hawaii. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Hawaii Food & Wine Festival Urban Luau

What’s a trip to Hawaii if you don’t visit a luau or taste the traditional foods from one? At the Hawaii Food & Wine Festival, you can try different renditions of traditional and contemporary luau foods.

Happening October 26th, 2016, you can get a taste of old versus new and compare and contrast as you decide for yourself who made it best in the world of traditional Hawaiian luau food.


Made in Maui Festival
Held at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center in Kahului – the perfect spot for this event – the Made in Maui Festival offers the best of everything made in Maui. From fashion shows to product demos and with tons of arts, crafts and collectibles, you’re sure to go home with just the right souvenir or something special for yourself.

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Flying used to be a bit simpler a few short years ago; book a ticket, hop on a plane and off you go. Now with so much competition throughout the airline industry, flying right has become a challenge. There are airfare wars, frequent flyer programs, even credit card miles you need to compare and contrast – all just to get the best deal you possibly can.


There are so many little tips and tricks on how to get you where you want to go and save some much-needed cash on the way. Here are a few top tips on how to fly right.

Buy a One-Way Ticket

When it comes to buying a one-way ticket, you really have to do your due diligence. Some fares on a one-way basis can be astronomical. However, if you do your research, you might just wind up ahead of the game. Domestic one-way fares are typically more competitive. Because of major competition, the bigger carriers may be coming around the corner with joining the competition. In order to snare more business away from the cheaper carriers, the larger ones need to stay competitive. It can’t hurt to do the research; while it may take some time, like all good endeavors it could save you some bucks.

Consider a Layover

While no traveler is really keen on purposely taking a layover, there may be some additional savings in considering to do so. Consider the time involved in the layover and how much money you would save and then make your decision accordingly. It’s worth looking into anyhow.

Keep Your Options Open


If you are considering a layover, don’t make it the last one of the night; you want to be sure there are plenty of options open and available to you. You don’t want to get a great deal on a layover and find yourself in a position where the flight is cancelled and you are seeking overnight accommodations. Keep your options open; consider a flight during midday.

Keep an Open Mind for Smaller Airports


While larger airports can handle and accommodate more traffic and busier schedules, you might like to try on a medium-size airport on for size. There may be more one-on-one service if there is a delay or some other issue and you may find the service that much better. Big airports are not for everyone.

Rest Assured

When it comes to peace of mind and travel, there’s no better way to feel protected than to invest in some travel insurance. Travel insurance, when researched and bought properly, will help tremendously if something should go wrong. It may cost a little more but the peace of mind is well worth the price.

Research before you Fly

If you truly are a frequent flyer, it does pay to do your research when it comes to the right credit card. Some credit cards offer discounts and advantages like free checked baggage and early boarding accommodations.
For more tips on how to fly right, check out THIS ARTICLE from USA Today.


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While summer may be nearing an end in the rest of the states, it’s always paradise in Hawaii. If you’ve not made it there yet or are heading that way, you are lucky indeed. There’s always plenty to do and see in Hawaii.

With it’s multitude of islands, there are just as many activities to do and sights to see. Your Hawaii experience can be as traditional and touristy as you’d like or cultural and original as you desire.

Dukes Ocean Fest is the Place to Be

If you haven’t had enough swimming from watching the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, you can catch the wave in Hawaii during August at Duke’s Ocean Fest. Duke’s Ocean Fest takes place every August in honor of amazing swimmer and local, Duke Kahanamoku. Also known as the ambassador of aloha, Duke won several gold medals himself during the early to mid-1900s.

This annual event is a week’s long celebration of festivities. If you can think of the water sport, the festival probably hosts it:

• Swimming
• Surfing
• Paddle boarding
• Beach volleyball

If all that Olympic watching got you in the mood to hit the surf, then Duke’s Ocean Fest is the place to be.

5th Annual Festival of Aloha

On August 28th at the Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel, the 5th Annual Festival of Aloha takes place. Hotel guests and visitors alike are welcome to join in the fun and festivities of the day.

If you enjoy traditional Hawaiian music along with hula performances and traditional Hawaiian foods like huli huli pig, this all-day festival is the place to be. With plenty of arts and crafts vendors, there’s something here for everyone.

Places to Stay

When you are done eating, drinking and playing, you’ll need a nice place to rest your head. Here are a few:

Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort and Spa
The name of this venue says it all. Surrounded by lush gardens and overlooking the ocean, this tropical resort and spa will pamper and soothe you in every way. From the luxurious accomodations to the exquisite natural beauty, there’s nothing missing here. This first-rate venue has fine dining, a luxury spa, plenty of activities along with championship golf and a stunning view to leave a lasting impression.

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Sometimes when traveling, you want to see the sights; all of them. Other times, you just want to feel as though you escaped the world for a few moments in time and get away from it all. This is why little-known and well-loved vacation destinations are important to explore.
Life is hectic and busy enough; your vacation doesn’t always have to be. Sure, it’s great to get away and see all the popular tourist traps. This offers you the opportunity to chat with your friends and even with strangers at a party about those well-loved, and well-known, destinations.
However, it’s nice to know there are still some secret, hidden gems to uncover, discover and explore. Here are a few.

Kailua-Kona, Hawaii Island

If a lovely seaside village loaded with charm and history with plenty of sunshine right in the middle of paradise is your idea of an off-the-beaten-path locale, then Kailua-Kona is the place for you. Located just a few minutes from Kona International Airport, Kailua-Kona is real gem of a find. It is steeped in culture and history while incorporating some reasonable accommodations, fun shopping, and plenty of eats to satisfy just about any taste bud. There’s also a sacred temple rebuilt by King Kamehameha representing a National Landmark. Kailua-Kona is different from the other hot spots in Hawaii, as it maintains its small fishing village appeal but accommodates those who wish to stop in for a while and visit.

Outer-banks, North Carolina

Beaches are great during summer town; the crowds there and the traffic on the way are not so wonderful. That’s the great benefit of visiting the outer-banks in North Carolina. You get to visit some beautiful shores without being bombarded with crowds, noise, and traffic.
The Outer Banks offer you a haven with miles of sandy beachfront and surf to play in. You can indulge in all things sea and surf, but also be taken aback by the natural settings from wildlife doing their thing to the thriving maritime forest.
Whether you take a chance at throwing in your reel, visiting a historic landmark or lighthouse, or just enjoying the peaceful, quiet and serene settings, the Outer Banks in North Carolina may be your new best-kept secret.

La Push, Washington

As exquisitely beautiful as it is, La Push, Washington may be equally considered secluded. Picturesque, dramatic, beautiful, and relaxing are just a few words to describe La Push Beach. Since it’s not overly-crowded, it can still be considered a best-kept secret.
It’s secluded, off-the-beaten-path and the perfect locale to truly get away from it all. Whether you are camping, hiking or listening to the waves crash against the shore, La Push is the epitome of the great escape.

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The idea of taking a vacation is different for everyone; some think of an adventurous mountain climb while others envision a tropical locale. Sometimes, however, you truly need to define the meaning of “getting away from it all.” There are the tourist trap areas every traveler visits and then there are a small handful of gems you’ll never regret visiting.
Whatever your idea of an ideal vacation spot is, here are a few must-see vacation destinations you should try to visit before 2016 is over.

Bora Bora
Have you ever desired to go someplace far, far away and maybe even said to your loved ones you want to go to a remote island where no one can find you? Surround yourself by a luxurious lagoon or hover over the aqua blue waters in your overwater bungalow.
It doesn’t get any more peaceful and relaxing than this, or any more remote.

The Secrets of Hawaii
When it comes to the secrets of Hawaii, it doesn’t get any more secret than this – Secret Island. This secret spot is located on the East side of Oahu and the only chance you have of seeing it, is to book a visit through a tour.
Makalawena Beach has whiter than white sugar-sand beaches and sparkling blue waters. There’s also plenty of hidden coves to make this even more of a secret secluded spot than the rest.
Pa’ako Cove will make you feel like you are a million miles away from reality. Also known as Secret Cove, this tiny stretch of sand is as cozy as it gets. Don’t let the smaller size fool you though, what it has missing in size it makes up in exquisite beauty.
Polihua beach is special in its own right. The only way to get there is by off-roading it. While droves of tourists visit the more popular Waikiki spots, you can have your own little slice of heaven almost all to yourself.

The Amalfi Coast
When it comes to exotic and exquisite locales, Amalfi Coast fits the bill. Whether you want to explore the beauty of the Amalfi Coast by water or by road, the photo opportunities are endless. Any trip to Italy, of course, is a must-see destination, but the Amalfi Coast should be tops on the list.

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In a world full of technology moving faster than the speed of light, it might be difficult to keep up, especially when it comes to our cars. We might want to learn the latest and greatest tech tips and have the newest toys, but at the same time yearn for that far-away feeling of a good old-fashioned Sunday drive.

Well, in Hawaii you can have your drive and enjoy it too. When most people think of Hawaii, they think of the inviting blue ocean, highest of cliffs and simmering volcanoes just to name a few. Then there are the mutli-colored beaches from white sand to black.
There are hundreds of places throughout the United States to go for a leisurely drive, but Hawaii has to be one of a kind. Driving through the twists and turns on Hawaii’s ancient roads has to be one of the best kept secrets yet most memorable road trips one can savor.

Makapu’u Point Lighthouse

What better way to start a road trip than with a short but powerfully memorable hike on a lighthouse trail? Makapu’u Point Lighthouse trail won’t disappoint anyone. This scenic shoreline is enough to make you forget all the cares in the world.
With a dryer and hotter climate, you may want to start your drive earlier on in the morning to bask in the scenic views and then head to the trail. There’s not much coverage on this magnificent trail, leaving you open to view some of the most breathtaking sights that will leave you speechless:

• Hike up the trail to arrive at the most magnificent plateau for viewing indescribable sights.
• Stop along the way to breathe in the sights of the colossal coastline
• Wait for the opportunity to view the ocean with hopes of seeing your first humpback whale. Any time after May up until November is prime spotting time.
• Spy the sight of the lighthouse itself as you take it in from a distance
• Splash in a tide pool and check that one off your bucket list

Waimanalo Bay

Enjoy an awesome drive winding your way through the town of Waimanalo on your way. If the thought of stopping at a seaside café and basking in the Hawaiian sun while your every sight takes in the senses of Hawaii’s natural beauties, then this drive will delight you indeed.

• Stop at a café along the way
• Fully live into an off-the-beaten path Hawaiian experience
• Be in awe of the miles of white sand beach that stretch out before you like a baby’s blanket
• Splash in the pristine turquoise blue waters

It’s easy to forget technology exists in these jaw-dropping locales; however, you never know when cars and technology meet up in the Hawaiian isles.

Interested in reading more? Check out the opinions of THIS ARTICLE on utilizing Hawaii’s roads to test out Google’s autonomous cars.

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What do you think of when you think of traveling for Memorial Day weekend? Loads of traffic and congestion, hiked airfares and questioning what were you thinking traveling on the busiest day of the year probably come to mind. However, times have changed and the way people travel has changed as well.

Memorial Day travel no longer has to be expensive or congested. As a matter of fact, you can get a great deal throughout the summer if you do your homework and your research.

Think Big – Big Island, That Is

Most people think of a small road trip somewhere reasonably close to home. If you think big, like in the Big Island of Hawaii, however, you may be surprised at how much more you will get for your money.

Of course, you more than likely won’t simply go to Hawaii for a weekend, but if you book now and plan smart, a trip to the Big Island may be just around the corner for you and your family this summer.

More than two dozen resorts throughout the islands are dropping rates substantially. According to certain sources, these rates are dropping upwards of 40% to jump start the season. What better way to celebrate the unofficial start of summer than to book a package deal to one of the exquisite islands of Hawaii.

Pay Homage at a Memorial Site

If you are heading to Hawaii this long weekend, what better way to celebrate Memorial Day than to pay homage at a memorial site. On any day of the year, the USS Arizona Memorial site is the busiest attraction in Hawaii. That is understandably so;
it marks the beginning of World War II on that fateful day on December 7, 1941. Not only were lives lost there, but hundreds of thousands more were lost during the war. If you are heading to Hawaii and plan to visit, plan ahead.

• Get in touch with the Pearl Harbor Visitor’s Center ahead of time
• Speak with your local travel agent for tips and advice
• Contact the hotel you are staying with to get tips on ways to get there, ticket information, visitor hours and special memorial services throughout the weekend

Remember and Honor All

While there, don’t forget to visit the other sites as you silently pay homage to those lost:

• Battleship Missouri – better known as “Mighty Mo” the last American battleship ever made
• The “First Avenger” – the USS Bowfin – thousands of artifacts and memorabilia on display
• Pacific Aviation Museum – take a shuttle to visit this historic landmark in the middle of Pearl Harbor and take a step back into aviation history and time

If you can’t make it to Hawaii this Memorial Day, who says you can’t plan your next trip during this extended holiday weekend.

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