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Basic information about moving to Hawaii
The best places to move to in Hawaii
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Basic information about moving to Hawaii

A move to Hawaii is an exciting time for many people. It means living life in paradise. However, there are a few things to be aware of before you do move to Hawaii.

The first thing to think about is the cost of living in Hawaii. It is pretty expensive to live there, and average wages are actually below the US average. So, you really cannot move to Hawaii with just hope in your heart, you will need to have some savings to fall back on. Even things like milk normally costs $5 per gallon and gas costs around $4 per gallon.

You should also plan the specifics of your move far in advanced. You will need to consider what you want to take with you to Hawaii and what you are going to throw away or put in storage. You should try and keep what you bring to a minimum. You can always buy some new clothes and furniture when you arrive in Hawaii.

However, there are things you might need to bring such as pets or your car. Be sure you get your pets up to date on their immunizations because Hawaii has some tough laws about importing pets. Shipping your car there is simple but can take several weeks so keep that in mind.

Another thing to think about before you move to Hawaii is your current friends and family. You likely won’t get to see anyone you know from the mainland more than once or twice per year after you move. This is because visiting the mainland from Hawaii or vice versa can get expensive when you consider the cost of flights alone. However, keep in mind, it is fairly easily to keep up with people across long distances in the digital age with things like FaceTime.

Be ready to deal with large amounts of sunlight. The sun is out a bunch in Hawaii, and it is also strong. Be ready to get a tan whether you want to or not.

There are also a bunch of different types of bugs in Hawaii. If you can’t stomach of idea of occasionally seeing a centipede or spider, Hawaii might not be for you.

Most of the jobs in Hawaii are in the transportation/hospitality industries as well as in the retail and office industries. If you have a specific career in mind, be sure you do your research before you move to Hawaii to make sure its feasible for your career.

The best places to move to in Hawaii

There really isn’t anywhere in Hawaii that you can move to that we wouldn’t consider “good,” but the following are widely accepted as the best places to move to in Hawaii:

  • Maunawili – Maunawili is just a little bit north of Honolulu, the state capital, so it’s a good place to be if you need to commute there. This also provides a great opportunity to get a job in Hawaii. The area is gorgeous, and the population is pretty low. However, the one drawback to moving here is how much property costs. On average, property costs just under a million dollars.
  • Waikele – Another fantastic place to move to in Hawaii, Waikele. It is one of the better places in Hawaii to raise a family because property is much more affordable here, coming in at just over $400,000 on average. Overall, it is another beautiful area and even has a shopping mall.
  • Honolulu – Honolulu is the most populated and famous city in Hawaii. It has almost 400,000 people living there. This is the best spot in the state to look for a job. Rent is also quite affordable here coming in at only $1,300 per month.
  • Princeville – Princeville is a gorgeous little costal community in Kauai. It is well known for its schools as well as the coconut trees. With great weather and even better views, the only negative is that property can cost up to three million dollars, although there are some options available for under a million.
  • Mililani – Another good place to raise a family, Mililani has almost fifty schools in or around it. There are also ample opportunities for shopping and finding a job. As was the case with the rest of the cities/towns on the list, it is as beautiful as can be.


Tips for moving to Hawaii

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you are moving to Hawaii:

  • Start looking for a place as soon as you decide to move there! It can be pretty difficult to find a place to live. There will be lots of competition whether you are looking to buy or rent. So, be sure you give yourself enough time to find a place.
  • Be ready not to have a job at first. It is tough to find a job in Hawaii before you get there. Once you do get there, it is still pretty difficult to get a job. The issue is that many people try to move to Hawaii from the mainland and can’t quite cut it, so they end up having to leave. Thus, companies are hesitant to hire people from the mainland unless they lived in Hawaii for a year or more.
  • Have some money saved. There are two reasons to have a comfortable amount of savings when moving to Hawaii. The first is that the cost of living is so high. The second is that it can be difficult to find a job when you first get there. Those two things can be dangerous when paired together if you do not have much savings.
  • Become a resident as soon as you can. In Hawaii, having your local Hawaii license will help you get discounts at various places which can help you out with the cost of living.
  • Ship your car to Hawaii. Renting a car is not really an option forever. Buying a new car can be outrageously expensive, especially when you need all the money you can get in Hawaii. Shipping your car one way to Hawaii is a cheap one-time alternative.
  • Be prepared for sudden spells of bad weather. You should always have a light raincoat or umbrella within reach because bad weather can develop and occur quickly in Hawaii. For the most part, the weather is beautiful but being prepared can’t hurt.



Moving to Hawaii can be complicated and intimidating if you don’t prepare and plan for the move properly. You need to have extra money to fall back on because it is pretty expensive to live in Hawaii and finding a job is not easy at all at first.

However, if you save and plan properly as well as use the tips above, you will get the chance to live happily in paradise for life.

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