How to Protect Your Car from the Flash Floods of Hawaii

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The facts about flash floods in Hawaii
How to protect your car from flash flooding
General safety tips for flash floods


The facts about flash floods in Hawaii

Flash floods can occur anytime of the year in Hawaii. Although, they occur most often in October through April. On average, they occur eight times per year which averages out to once every six and a half weeks.

These floods are caused by heavy rains which are usually produced by hurricane-like weather systems. Most recently, in 2018, flash floods occurred in Hawaii due to a series of thunderstorms that occurred. Over five hundred houses were destroyed, and the total damage was estimated at well over a hundred million dollars. Many people needed to be rescued by helicopter and boat. In twenty-four hours in some areas, there was nearly fifty inches on rain which was a record.

These floods are actually the leading cause of direct weather-related deaths in Hawaii. There have been nearly fifty deaths in the past fifty years due to flash floods. So, it is important to know how to stay safe during flash floods in Hawaii.

How to protect your car from flash flooding

You are likely worried about your car’s safety during a flash flood. In Hawaii, you can do the following to keep your car safe during a flash flood:

  • Avoid driving through puddles – Sometimes you have no choice but to drive through a puddle but, if you can, avoid driving through puddles as much as possible.
  • Drive slow – This might seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many people try to speed through bad weather conditions. Drive slowly so you can react to obstacles more easily.
  • Brake gently – the more gently you brake, the easier it will be to avoid hydroplaning.
  • Keep up-to-date on the weather – Whether it’s watching the news or installing a weather app, be sure to keep up on the latest weather news.
  • Don’t park anywhere you think water could collect – When you are parking, be sure that you try to do so at the top of a hill for example. You don’t want to park in an area where water can accumulate.


General safety tips for flash floods

During a flash flood, you can do the following to stay safe yourself:

  • Do not attempt to drive, swim or walk through flood waters – Flood waters can be stronger and deeper than they initially look. Stay away to avoid getting caught in them.
  • Try to stay off bridges – Bridges can weaken and get knocked down in floods. Stay off them to avoid getting swept into flood waters.
  • Evacuate if need be – If you are told to evacuate, then do so. Learn your nearest evacuations prior to a weather event.
  • Have a way to hear/read local alerts – Be sure to be able to watch/read for any and all local alerts on television and/or radio.
  • If you are stuck in your car, stay inside – If you are struck in your car stay inside. If there is rising water in the car, then try to get onto the roof of the vehicle.



Flash floods happen several times each year in Hawaii. You need to be prepared just in case you end up getting caught in one. Do your best to keep your car safe but, most importantly, look out for your own safety in the event that you are caught in one of these floods. Just about fifty people have died in flash floods in the last fifty years, so pay serious attention to any and all warnings.

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