Easy Ways to Save for Your Hawaiian Car Shipment

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The cost of shipping your car to or from Hawaii
Ways you can save for your shipment
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The cost of shipping your car to or from Hawaii

The price of shipping your car to Hawaii will depend on a few things, but it will primarily depend on the distance of your shipment. Other factors that will affect the cost of shipping your car to or from Hawaii will include the time of year that you are shipping your car, how far in advance you schedule your shipment as well as the current cost of gas.

At the time this post was written, in October 2020, the cost of shipping an average car (for our purposes we chose a 2014 Hyundai Sonata) from New York City to Honolulu with one month’s notice, would cost about $2,945. If you were to ship the same car, at the same time, with the same notice but from Los Angeles, it would cost approximately $1,820. The cost for shipping in the other direction would be similar give or take one or two hundred dollars.

This cost might possibly seem expensive, but it is a one-time fee, and it is much cheaper than buying a new or even used car. Renting a car is a possibility but it is only a very temporary one as the cost of renting continues every day and will add up quickly. Shipping a car is your best option in terms of having a car in Hawaii and there are even some simple ways to help save up in an efficient way for your car shipment.

Ways you can save for your shipment

The following are simple and easy ways that can help you save for your Hawaiian car shipment and defray the cost:

  • You should be able to set up automatic deductions from your checking account at regular intervals. The money will be placed into a savings account where it can also accrue some interest.
  • When the day ends, take all the bills out of your wallet that are less than twenty dollars and set them aside in a safe place.
  • Set aside all the spare change you end up with. Slowly but surely, this will add up.
  • Cut out poor habits like smoking or drinking and use the extra money to save for your car shipment.
  • Eat at home instead of going out to eat.
  • Buy generic brand items. Name brand will always cost more.
  • Use coupons when you shop. You can find coupons online, in local papers or at the stores themselves.
  • If you have the internet, you can find all your news there. Cancel your newspaper subscription.
  • Work out at home for a few months. The savings from cancelling your gym membership will add up quickly. You can find lots of great home workout routines online on sites like YouTube.
  • Unplug any electronics in your home when they aren’t being used. Believe it or not, electronics still consume a considerable amount of power when they are plugged in but turned off.
  • You can temporarily rent out extra space in your home through Airbnb.
  • You can have a yard sale.
  • Be meticulous about your tax return. The more attention you pay to detail here can save you more money. Depending on your particular financial situation and tax bracket, your tax return could easily pay for your car shipment itself.



Shipping a vehicle to or from Hawaii will usually cost between one and three thousand dollars. Although that might seem a bit costly, it will save he expense of getting a new or used car or the perpetual cost of renting a car or using ride shares. If you give yourself the right amount of time and make a moderate effort, there are very simple things you can do to save money to use towards your car shipment.

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