Everything you need to know about Hawaiian Car Warranties

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The different types of car warranties
Why a car warranty can make a big difference in Hawaii
Tips for dealing with a car warranty


The different types of car warranties

When you buy a car, you could end up with one or more of several types of warranties. These warranties are bumper-to-bumper warranties, extended warranties, emissions warranties, powertrain warranties, accessories warranties, battery warranties, corrosion warranties and certified pre-owned warranties.

Bumper-to-bumper warranties are otherwise known as new car warranties. This is the warranty that comes with all new vehicles upon their purchase. These warranties will cover the primary parts of the car should they stop working during the period of the warranty. This means that the warranty will cover things like hoses leaking, air conditioning not working, or windows not rolling down. It also means it will not cover things like routine oil changes or flat tires. These warranties tend to last for a period of three years or thirty-six thousand miles, whatever comes first.

Extended warranties cover you for a long or extended period in comparison to the new car warranties. They also will likely cover additional things like tires. These warranties must be purchased, and they are given from a third-party company rather than an auto manufacturer.

Emissions warranties will cover any car parts that measure or reduce harmful emissions according to federal standards. If these parts do not function your car will not pass inspection. Thus, they must be replaced by at no cost to you as long as they are covered under this warranty.

Certified pre-owned warranties will cover much of the same things as a new car warranty. The reason they exist is that when you buy a pre-owned car, the original warranty often does not transfer. So, used car dealers sometimes offer a certified pre-owned warranty to rectify that.

The powertrain warranty is one of the more critical warranties in that it covers critical parts of the car such as the engine and its parts as well as the transmission. These warranties tend to last much longer and/or further than other warranties.

Why a car warranty can make a big difference in Hawaii

It is no secret why car warranties will be a big help when you have a car in Hawaii. Hawaii does have some of the most beautiful weather in the world. However, that perpetually hot and humid weather can cause some damage to important parts of your car. On top of that, Hawaii has some of the worst roads in the entire country which can easily be responsible for damage to critical parts of the car.

If your car is covered by a flimsy warranty or not at all, you will be responsible for covering a hundred percent of the cost of any repairs that you will need. Do whatever you can to ensure that your car is under at least one warranty when you have a vehicle in Hawaii.

Tips for dealing with a car warranty

Use the following tips to get the most out of your car’s warranties:

  • Shop around – If you are buying a warranty, make sure that you do not jump at the first deal that you get. Consider at least three offers before you commit to one.
  • Do your research – Make sure you look up the past history of the companies that you are considering getting a warranty from to make sure that they do not have a negative history with past clients.
  • Read the fine print – Make sure you look over the contract very carefully and you read each and every clause of it. There might be something in there that you do not like.
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