How to Get Around Without Your Car While It Ships to Hawaii

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How long will shipping my car take?
How can I get somewhere when I don’t have my car?
Resources for getting around without a car


How long will shipping my car take?

The auto transport process normally takes anywhere between one and three weeks. However, every car shipment is different, so, you should get a free quote to get the most specific estimate of transit time for your shipment possible.

Generally, shorter shipments like California to Hawaii will take up to a week, possibly less. Longer moves such as a move from Texas to Hawaii can take around a week and a half. Extra-long shipments such as New York to Hawaii can take up to two weeks or slightly more.

All of this is relative as shipping times are always only estimated. Unfortunately, due to the nature of these shipments it is not possible to guarantee a delivery or pick-up date. Things such as weather, traffic and customer delays can affect the length of shipping time.

How can I get somewhere when I don’t have my car?

You will be without your car for at least several days. Odds are that you will still need to get around during that time. It is actually easier than you think to get from place to place without a car.

Here are some of the best ways to get somewhere without a car:

  • Ride share apps – Probably the most popular form of transportation these days, ride-share apps allow you to get a ride of your choice instantly to your exact location. Check out some of the most popular ride-share apps below.
  • Public transportation – Buses and trains can be extremely handy when you need to get somewhere without a car. It is one of the more affordable options on this list too.
  • Walking – If the weather is good then why not walk? It’s free and you get the benefit of exercise while you’re at it. Unfortunately, it is not the fastest method of transportation on the list.
  • Bike riding – Just like walking, this is weather dependent. It is also free with the exception of buying a bike. It is faster than walking but still not too quick.
  • Car rentals – The most expensive option on the list, renting a car is one of the most convenient choices. You can have a car while you don’t have your car.
  • Car pooling – You can always hitch a ride with someone who is already traveling in the direction that you need to go in. The cost is generally free because it allows your driver to use the HOV lane thus making their trip easier.


Resources for getting around without a car

  • – The world’s most popular rideshare app. Download the app then get picked up exactly where you currently are.
  • Google – Look up directions by car, train, bus or walking with the world’s most widely used search engine, Google.
  • Rent a bicycle online – Rent a bike anywhere in the United States right now with Rent A Bike Now.
  • Waze Carpool – The best way to hook up with a convenient car pool on the web, Waze Carpool is an extension of the widely used and successful GPS app.



There are a bunch of great and cost-effective ways to get to your next destination while your car is shipping. It’s up to you which one you choose. Remember that you will only need to use one of these methods for three weeks tops.

If you are only in the stages of considering shipping your car, you should get a free quote with us today!

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