The Guide To Seeing Wildlife In Hawaii

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What kind of animals can you see in Hawaii?
Advice for seeing wildlife in Hawaii


What kind of animals can you see in Hawaii?

It should come as no surprise that in Hawaii, with it’s beautiful tropical climate, you will be able to see a variety of wildlife. You could see many types of animals from lizards and birds to boars and donkeys. However, most of these animals can be found only in specific areas of Hawaii.

  • Birds – In Hawaii, you can see a large variety of birds. This includes owls, parrots, sea birds such as Loons and Albatrosses, ducks, Sparrows and more. Birds, in general, are located throughout the state of Hawaii, but, you will need to visit specific parts of Hawaii to see specific types of birds.
  • Lizards – Primarily, you will mostly see geckos when it comes to lizards in Hawaii. However, you could still occasionally see species like Chameleons as well. You should be able to encounter the geckos all over Hawaii.
  • Whales – For a few months each year you can see whales off the coast of Hawaii. These are primarily Humpback whales. From December until April you can see these whales of the coast of Maui and Kohala.
  • Seals – There is a rare and endangered species of seal known as the Monk seal. It is fairly rare that you might see one but you stand a moderately better chance at Poipu Beach where these seals will occasionally rest.
  • Turtles – If you go snorkeling in Hawaii, you have a pretty good chance of seeing a green sea turtle. Laniakea Beach, Kiholo Bay, Punalu’u Beach and Maluaka Beach are all considered good spots to see a turtle in Hawaii.
  • Dolphins – You can see a few different types of dolphins when you are in Hawaii. Often times, they are right off the coast so you can see them from the shore. But it is best to take a boat out to see them for the very best views. The coast of Lanai has been frequented by dolphins recently.
  • Manta Rays – Manta Rays are another creature you can see while snorkeling in Hawaii. The best spots that you can see them are off the Kohala Coast, Maui as well as Kona.
  • Donkeys – Donkeys are pretty a pretty rare sight in Hawaii these days but they are there if you look for them. The feral donkeys are on Hawaii’s big island but there are very few left. Most have been rounded up and brought to a ranch in Waikoloa.
  • Boars – Although they are a pretty rare sight in Hawaii, boars do exist there. They are feral so that means that they are running around untamed. So, be careful and keep a distance if you want to avoid any injuries.
  • Bats – Believe it or not, you can actually also seem some bats in Hawaii as well. On The main island of Hawaii and on Kauai you can see the Hawaiian hoary bat.


Advice for seeing wildlife in Hawaii

Seeing the wildlife in Hawaii is definitely a great adventure for any animal lover. However, there are a few things to be aware of before you set out to see the animals of this tropical paradise.

First, always remember to keep your distance, for both your own safety and the safety of the animals. Some of these animals can be dangerous if they think that they are being threatened. Also, some are endangered, so it is important to make sure you keep a distance to make sure that you do not accidentally cause them any harm.

Remain as quiet and still as possible. This, quite simply, will decrease the chances of scaring animals away when you are trying to watch them and/or get a photo or video.

Also, be sure that you never feed the wildlife. This is important because when more and more people feed the wildlife, they become dependent on people for food rather than hunting/looking for it themselves.

Be sure you plan your wildlife viewing experience properly and in advanced. Not all animals are around all year-long. For example, you can only see whales in Hawaii from December through April.

You will likely be out for several hours seeing wildlife when you do end up going. So, you will likely need to bring something to eat. We recommend that you do not bring anything too pungent that could easily attract the attention of the animals. Try to bring something along the lines of a protein bar. Also, make sure you do not liter in the natural environments of these animals – bring your trash with you when you leave.


Seeing the wildlife of Hawaii is some of the most fun you can have while you are on the islands. You just need to make sure that you are prepared and ready for your animal sight-seeing before you trek out.

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