Hawaii’s Car Culture

Hawaii’s car culture is actually quite spectacular and exotic. It turns out that Hawaii is well known for their automobiles and many people who live in Hawaii are passionate about what they drive. Hawaii is known for its diversity in people and cultures, and that goes for its cars as well. You can expect to see trucks, convertibles, muscle, hybrids, and European cars. Below are some details about Hawaii’s car culture.


The joke around many of the Hawaiian islands is the easiest way to spot a tourist is to see what they’re driving. Tourists are usually the only people seen driving convertibles. The most popular convertible on the island is the Ford Mustang. Tourists enjoy cruising down the coast with the sun beating down on them. However, this isn’t the same for the locals.  Locals feel that convertibles are too hot to drive in and due to its size, a surfboard can’t fit inside. The locals usually prefer some sort of pick up truck because their surfboard can easily attached. In fact, the most popular pickup truck is the Toyota Tacoma. The Toyota Tacoma has been ranked as one Hawaii’s best selling cars for years. It has been #1 on the list for 15 years and shows no signs of moving down. This car sells eight times faster in Hawaii than it does in any of the other states.


Classic cars are very big in Hawaii’s car culture. You can expect to see classics like the Chevrolet Bel Air Wagon and 1971 Mustang. Wagons such as the Toyota Corolla wagon and the Volvo wagon are equally as popular.


Free electric charging stations are everywhere in Hawaii and that’s because the electric car is making its way into Hawaii’s car culture. The Nissan Leafs has made itself known in Hawaii and its followed by Tesla’s electric cars.


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