How to keep the inside of your car comfortable in Hawaii

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The inside of your car and the weather in Hawaii
Keeping the interior cool and comfortable
Advice for keeping your car comfortable in Hawaii


The inside of your car and the weather in Hawaii

Through out the year, temperatures in Hawaii stay warm to very warm all year long. It is one of the biggest reasons that Hawaii is a top vacation spot each year and is widely considered one of the most beautiful places on earth.

However, this means that the internal temperature of your car could get quite hot quite quickly. If it is 75 degrees outside, the internal temperature of your car could rise to almost 110 degrees in just a half an hour. This temperature could even be higher if it is particularly humid or if your car is full of people.

Keeping the interior cool and comfortable

Now, you can obviously crank up the air conditioning. But that is a solution for when you are inside of the car. It is too risky and expensive to keep your car running just to keep the air conditioning on in order to keep the car cool.

One way to keep the temperature down in your car when you are not driving it is to use a sun visor on your dashboard. This will prevent direct sunlight from warming your car for hours when you are not using it. Of course, if you have the opportunity to park in a garage or in the shade, you will have the same effect as well.

As far as staying completely comfortable in your car in a warm climate such as Hawaii, there are a few things you can do. First, you can get a car with a cloth interior. Cloth can get a little warm if your car has been sitting in the sun, but it is nothing too bad compared to leather which can become scolding hot and can be too hot to even sit on at times.

Next, you can cover your steering wheel with a towel. This will prevent it from getting too hot to the touch.

Finally, when you first open your door when you get in your car, hang outside for a few minutes with the door open. This will help cool the inside of the car down.

Advice for keeping your car comfortable in Hawaii

You can use the following tips to help keep your car comfortable in Hawaii:

  • Go with cloth – If you are in the process of getting a new or used car, try and choose a car with a cloth interior rather than leather. Cloth will not get too hot while leather can get extremely hot and it can also stick to your skin which is not fun.
  • Park in the shade or use a window visor – If you prevent the sun from beating down on the interior of your car while you are not in it, you can greatly reduce the amount of heat in the car.
  • Push that hot air out of the car – When you first start driving, you should turn the air conditioning on full blast and you should make sure that the back windows of the car are open for about twenty or thirty seconds as you do this. This will essentially push all of the hot air out of the car.
  • Keep the bugs out – One of the biggest ways to make yourself and your passengers uncomfortable in Hawaii while you drive is to have a bunch of bugs in the car. As long as you keep your car clean and any other sort of entry ways for bugs blocked, you should be fine. It is because of this that you should not keep your windows cracked while you are not in the car.
  • Consider seat covers – Seat covers can help keep the actual seats in your car cool. Mesh covers tend to work the best.



Keeping your car comfortable and cool in Hawaii is as easy as taking a few preventative steps like preventing direct sunlight from entering the car by getting a window visor. If at all possible, get a car that has a cloth interior if you are going to be living in Hawaii.
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