The Guide to Buying a Used Car in Hawaii

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Where you can buy used cars in Hawaii
Advice to read before you buy a used car in Hawaii
How you can ship a used car you bought to Hawaii
Final Word


Where you can buy used cars in Hawaii

The following list is of used car dealers who have used car dealerships in Hawaii only. As always, you can buy a used car from a private seller and/or online from a site like Craigslist or eBay. Just be sure that you do the appropriate amount of research into the seller before you buy a car.

  • Island of Hawaii
    • Pre-Owned Motor Cars – Pre-Owned Motor Cars has hundreds of reviews and still has a 4.9-star rating on Google, making them the best reviewed on the island. They offer all sorts of used cars including sedans, hybrids, convertibles and vans.
    • Big Island Used Cars – With over a hundred reviews Big Island Used Cars has a great 4.8-star rating. They have many types of used cars, trucks, vans and SUVs for sale.
    • Big Island Toyota – Big Island Toyota sells both new and used Toyotas. They have over four hundred reviews on Google with an overall 4.8-star rating.
  • Maui
    • Kihei Auto Sales – Kihei Auto Sales has a 4.8-star rating with nearly two hundred reviews on Google. They offer a wide selection of used cars that includes Nissan, Ford, Toyota, Chevrolet, Lincoln and more.
    • No Ka Oi Motors – With only for and five-star reviews on Google, No Ka Oi Motors boasts an overall 4.9 rating.
    • Island Honda – Island Honda has over a thousand reviews on Google and still have a very healthy 4.7-star rating. They offer new and used Hondas.
  • Oahu
    • TCA Auto – With a selection that includes Nissan, Mercedes, Toyota, Honda and more, TCA Auto has a 4.9-star rating with nearly a hundred reviews on Google.
    • Choice Automotive – Choice Automotive has a 4.6-star rating on Google and nearly three hundred and fifty total reviews. They offer a wide selection of vehicles that includes Chevy, Buick and BMW.
    • Voyager Auto Sales – Voyager offers a good selection of used cars. They have a 4.8-star rating on Google with nearly 50 total reviews.
  • Kauai
    • Ohana Motors – Ohana Motors offers Acura, Dodge, GMC, Chevy, Ford and more. They have well over three hundred reviews on Google and a 4.9-star rating.
    • Garden Island Auto Sales – Garden Island Auto Sales has a very respectable 4.9-star rating on Google. They offer used BMW, Ford, Chevy and more.


Advice to read before you buy a used car in Hawaii

Before you buy a used car in Hawaii, you need to do your research, just as you would anywhere else you were considering buying a used car. However, there are even a few steps to take before that point.

First you will need to figure out your budget. For a used or even a new car, this should not be more than one fifth of your salary (after you have taxes deducted). So, if you clear $50,000 after taxes each year, you should not spend more than ten thousand dollars on a car, new or used.

Once you set your budget, consider what type of car that you are looking to buy. You should consider several brands if you are looking to buy a particular type of car. This way it will be more likely that you will find a good deal.

Next, you will want to comparison shop around. Remember, physical car-dealerships are not the only place that you can buy a car anymore. You can buy them online and from private sellers as well.

How you can ship a used car you bought online to Hawaii

Shipping a used car that you purchased online to Hawaii is not too much different from normally shipping a car to Hawaii. You need to find an auto transport company that ships to Hawaii.

Then you need to figure out where you are shipping from exactly and what port you are shipping to in Hawaii. You will need to ask the seller the specific address where the car is located.

After that, you can book your shipment once you discuss the specific details with your car shipping company.

Final Word

Buying a used car in Hawaii is easy when it comes to certain aspects and more complex when it comes to others, just as it is anywhere else. The important thing to remember is to always do the appropriate research before you buy a used car from any seller in Hawaii. This includes looking up the history of a vehicle on a site like CarFax and reading past reviews of any dealership you are considering on a site Google.

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