A Guide To The Car Repair Shops In Hawaii

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Getting your car repaired in Hawaii
The best places to get your car repaired in Hawaii
Tips for getting your car repaired in Hawaii


Getting your car repaired in Hawaii

Getting your car repaired in Hawaii is not much different than anywhere else in the United States. The expense will be based on what type of work you need done, how severe any damage to your car or its parts are and where exactly you take it to get repaired.

On smaller islands like Molokai, you will likely need to take your car to a local gas station for repairs as they really are not many major automotive repair service shops around. For larger islands like Oahu, you can check our list directly below.

The best places to get your car repaired in Hawaii

The following are the best automotive repair services that you can find in various areas on the different islands of Hawaii:

  • Hawaii
    1. Kona European Auto Repair – Kona European Auto Repair nearly has a perfect five-star rating on Google and offers a variety of services for various types of European brands of cars like Audi and BMW.
    2. Precision Auto Repair – Also located in Kona, Precision Auto Repair has a 4.6-star rating on Google and offers most automotive services and repairs that you can think of.
    3. Clint’s Auto Repair – Clint’s Auto Repair is located in Hilo and has an excellent 4.7-star rating. It is an official NAPA AutoCare Center.
  • Maui
    1. Maui Mobile Auto Repair – Maui Mobile Auto Repair is a mobile auto service in Wailuku where the repair service conveniently comes to you. They have a 4.6-star rating on Google and are cheaper than most other options.
    2. Uptown Automotive – Uptown Automotive is also located in Wailuku and they offer a variety of car repair services at reasonable rates.
    3. Mike’s Automotive Located in Kahului, Mike’s Automotive has a ton of five-star reviews on Google and has been a trusted name in the community for many years.
  • Kauai
    1. Kauai Mobile Mechanics Kauai Mobile Mechanics are a mobile car repair service on Kauai. They boast a 4.5-star rating on Google.
    2. Kauai Auto Repair – Kauai Auto Repair has over fifty five-star reviews on Google and are located in Lihue. They offer a variety of automotive repair services.
    3. T&C Auto Repair – Located in Kapaʻa, T&C Auto Repair has an official five-star rating on Google with over twenty reviews.
  • Oahu
    1. Artesian Auto Repair Artesian Auto Repair offers most car repair services. They are located on Honolulu and have a 4.8-star rating on Google with over sixty total reviews.
    2. LS Automotive Repair & TransmissionLS Automotive Repair & Transmission is located in Waipahu. They have a 4.9-star rating on Google.
    3. Auto Repair of Hawaii Auto Repair of Hawaii has a very solid 4.7 rating on Google, they offer a variety of services and are located in Aiea.


Tips for getting your car repaired in Hawaii

Before you go and get your car repaired in Hawaii, you should read the following tips so you can have the best experience possible:

  • Stay away from the dealership when you need auto repairs – Dealerships almost always are the most expensive option when you are trying to get your car fixed. They generally choose to use the costliest parts and service so that they can charge the highest for the repairs.
  • See what insurance can do for you if the damage was the result of an accident – You pay expensive insurance premiums each month, so that if you ever need work done on your car, at least some of it might be covered. Call your insurance company and talk with them about your options if the work that you need done on your car was the result of an accident.
  • Get at least two estimates – When you go to get your car fixed, you want to make sure that you comparison shop for the repairs. Some repair shops will charge more than others for the same services. We recommend that you get at least three estimates.
  • Pay with a credit card – If the work you get done is not done right and the auto shop will not refund your money, you can dispute the charges with your credit card company within sixty days of the charge. You will need to jump through some hoops but at least this gives you a chance of possibly getting refunded.
  • Do not leave any personal items in the car – It only happens rarely, but sometimes a dishonest mechanic could steal something out of your car. In order to avoid this, do not leave anything of value in there when you are getting repaired.



Getting your car fixed in Hawaii is as simple as it is anywhere else in the country. You just need to make sure that you know what you are doing so that you do not end up getting ripped-off. You can always use a site like Google to read other former customers reviews to see how each service center treats customers.

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