What You Need to Know About Getting a Ticket in Hawaii

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Moving violations versus parking tickets in Hawaii
Traffic moves different in Hawaii
Tips for avoiding a ticket in Hawaii


Moving violations versus parking tickets in Hawaii

Just like anywhere else in the United States, you can get a ticket for parking or you can get a ticket for parking. Parking tickets will not require that you show up in court for an appearance. However, depending on the moving violation that you commit, you might have to show up in court.

The best bet is always to drive safely and avoid getting a ticket at all costs. The majority of tickets issued in Hawaii are for parking and the majority of moving violations are issued for speeding. As you will read in the next section, many people in Hawaii drive the speed limit or less, so, if you are speeding you will stick out and likely get caught.

If you do end up getting a ticket, you can pay in person at any district court in Hawaii. You can also mail the ticket in to the address that is provided on the ticket. You may also pay online here.

As you might expect, you can get a citation for speeding, running a red light or stop sign, changing lanes without signaling and more.

When it comes to parking in Hawaii, always keep an eye out for parking signs or meters. Also, some areas make use of painted curbs. So, if the curb is painted blue it means that parking is for handicapped use only.

Traffic moves different in Hawaii

In Hawaii, you will notice that traffic moves considerably slower than anywhere else in the country. This is because people’s attitudes are different in Hawaii. People tend to take things easier and be more relaxed in Hawaii. In fact, people only really use their horns to say hello rather than “Get out of the way!”.

So, do not expect to cruise at 75 miles per hour in the left lane in Hawaii. Give your self some extra time when you are traveling somewhere. If a trip typically takes twenty minutes, give yourself thirty minutes.

Tips for avoiding a ticket in Hawaii

If you want to avoid getting a ticket in Hawaii, use the following tips:

  • Be polite – If you do get pulled over, be polite and respectful to the officer. It could end up being the difference in whether or not you get a ticket.
  • Fix whatever needs it – If you have a headlight or taillight that needs to be replaced, be sure that you fix it immediately.
  • Obey the rules – Do not drive over the speed limit, run red lights, drive aggressively or break any other laws when you are driving in Hawaii.
  • Give yourself some extra time – To avoid the temptation to speed or drive aggressively in Hawaii, you should take some extra time when you need to travel somewhere.
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