Car Washing Like a Pro

car washing like a pro


After a week of driving, the weekend has come and your car is ready for a wash. It is a beautiful day outside, so why not give your car the bath it deserves? Bringing your car to the car wash on a sunny day means long lines and a wait. However, if you take car washing into your own hands, you will save time and money, while enjoying the warmth of the outside weather.  There is much more to car washing than a bucket, water, and some soap.  Taking care of your car is worth it, so check out the tips below for interior and exterior washing, so that you could do car washing like a pro.


Tips for Interior Car Washing

You should always start an interior cleaning with a vacuum. You should invest in a handheld vacuum, which will allow you to get in between the nooks and crannies of your car. Once vacuuming is taken care of, you can move on to the trim. Depending on your preference, there are products that will give you a clean and natural appearance or a shiny and slick look. Using a microfiber cloth or mitt will give you a smooth finish and not scratch any of the leather dashboard. When taking care of your car’s carpet, you can use any household carpet cleaning that you have in the house. For leather seats, it is important you keep your leather clean and conditioned. There are many different types of conditioners that will leave your leather looking new, even after daily use.


Tips for Exterior Car Washing

Keeping the exterior of your car cleaned can be really difficult because it gets the blunt of weather and road elements. Dirt, bird droppings, tree sap, flower pollen, road mud, construction debris all cling to the exterior of your car, making exterior car washing crucial in order to preserve your paint. Bringing your car to a car wash won’t take out the fine scratches. However, learning the proper techniques for doing car washing yourself, will help to remove tiny scratches. The best way to remove scratches is to set up two buckets of water: one with car soap mixed in, the other with clean water to clean off the dirt and gunk. A lambswool or microfiber mitt or soft sponge would work best and decrease the chance of creating more scuffs. It is important to buy car washing soap only and not other household cleaners such as dish detergents as they can take off the protective wax on the exterior paint. It is okay to use tar and bug removers for hard stains. When you are done washing your exterior with soap, always wipe it down with a clean soft cloth or drying towel.


So let us help ship your car to Hawaii, and use these tips to keep it sparkling clean!


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