Summertime Car Shipment

summertime car shipment

Summertime car shipment is different than shipping in the winter.

If you’ve shopped around, or shipped multiple times and during various months, you have probably noticed that  summertime car shipment is more expensive. For the same type of car and destination route, you will more than likely receive a higher quote in the warmer months. There are many factors that play into why summertime car shipment is in more of a demand, which then results in higher prices. Understanding the factors that play into a summertime car shipment will help you understand the car shipment industry.

Summertime vs. Wintertime

Booking a summertime car shipment tends to be more expensive than if you were shipping in the wintertime. Many people choose to relocate during the summer months. One of the reasons is that the school year is over, and therefore; it is the more ideal time to move. Because of the increase in car shipments in the summer months, there are more trailers on the road.  An increase of customers in the summer months leads to higher prices. However, it also leads to quicker shipping time because trailers fill up quicker and therefore, are ready for shipment quicker. This is helpful for you, especially if your car shipment decision comes at the last minute. Winter months are often slower and it is often due to weather. When shipping a car in the winter, you need to consider weather. Extreme weather such as blizzards and heavy snow falls delay the car shipment process. This makes the car shipment process difficult. When shipping to a less common city or area, or a rural area, this makes shipping a car even more difficult because of the risk of the roads not being ready for travel.

So, if you are considering car shipment, contact us to setup the perfect time for you to begin your process.

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