The Guide to Traffic In Oahu With Resources To Help You

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The traffic in Oahu

Traffic has long been an issue for the island of Oahu. Many people attribute this to the fact that the affordable housing on the island is a considerable distance from the area where most people work. The Kapolei area, where most affordable housing is located, is approximately about twenty-three miles from the Honolulu area, where most jobs are located.

That distance should yield no more than a forty-minute commute. However, during rush hour it will typically take at least an hour to complete that drive because of the amount of people driving on that route.

There is also the laid-back nature of most Hawaii residents to consider as a contributing factor for the amount of traffic on Oahu. Generally, the people of Hawaii tend to drive in a very un-aggressive fashion which also usually means driving the speed limit or slightly under it.

Unfortunately, on Oahu’s major highways like the H-1 and h-2, there is little to no room at many points to pull over in case of an emergency such as engine trouble. So, when these things occur, as they do fairly frequently, it causes the shutdown of at least a lance which slows traffic immensely.

Finally, Hawaii’s traffic patterns have long been a source of frustration for residents as well as traffic. Things like four-way intersections with four or five lanes of traffic on each side or entrance ramps that are way too short leading onto highways cause major delays when driving.

Tips for navigating traffic in Oahu

Sometimes, you will just need to sit in traffic and there is not much you can do about it. However, you can trim the amount of time you spend in traffic on most days by using the following tips:

  • Leave early or late – The peak driving times in Oahu are similar to the rest of the United States but they do tend to be a little earlier during the morning commute. The times during which the traffic is highest in the morning is between 6 and 8 AM going from Kapolei to Honolulu. In the afternoon/night the traffic is worst between 3 and 5:30 PM going back from Honolulu to Kapolei. So, leave before these times or after in order to avoid the brunt of traffic.
  • Check the traffic and weather before you leave – Be sure to check the traffic and weather reports prior to leaving for your commute. As much as traffic is almost always pretty slow, unpredictable weather, accidents and construction can cause even worse delays.
  • Use traffic apps – Apps that you can download and use for free on your phone such as Waze use up-to-date crowdsourced traffic data to ensure that you are getting the quickest and most efficient routes in real-time.


Resources to help you avoid getting stuck in traffic in Oahu

These are a few helpful resources that you can use if you are trying to avoid all the traffic on Oahu. Use them before you head out for the best results.

  1. Oahu traffic cameras – You can use these cameras to see live footage of some major roads and highways along your route so that you can possibly avoid any high traffic areas.
  2. Waze – As was mentioned earlier in this post, Waze is a great app to have because it reacts to current traffic conditions and gives you alternate routes so you can save time on your commute.
  3. Park Me – Park Me is a website where you will be able to quickly see all the places in an area where you can find parking. This can help you if you lost time in traffic and now do not want to lose additional time driving around looking for parking.


Final word

The traffic in Oahu can be frustrating at times. Keep in mind that it is only bad during the rush hour commutes during the week or if there is construction or an accident.

Always try to plan ahead, this way you can know the best routes with the quickest drive times before you even get into your car.

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