Important Car Shipment Questions

car shipment

You are in the process of selecting a company to ship your car. There a variety of companies out there, so how do you select the best company for you and your needs? While your on the phone with potential companies, and information is being spleud at your, you may forget to ask the important car shipment questions. Check out our compiled list of car shipment questions that you should have an answer to before shipping your car.


  1. Do you offer free non- obligation quotes?
  2. What services do you offer?
  3. Do you offer both enclosed and open car transport services?
  4. Do you offer door to door service?
  5. Is the company registered with the Department of Transportation? If so, what is their “DOT” number?
  6. How much will it cost and what are the factors that are contributing to the cost?
  7. Can you give me a break down of what each factor costs?
  8. Will there be any hidden fees that arise at either drop off or pick up?
  9. What types of insurance do you offer? What does the insurance cover in relationship to my car?
  10. What documents do I need prior to car shipment and upon receiving my car shipment?
  11. How do I prepare my car for shipment?
  12. How long will it take to receive my car? What factors will impact receiving my car?
  13. What are the payment arrangement?
  14. Will my car always be in the driver’s possession?
  15. Can someone else other than myself drop off and pick up my car? If so, what type of documentation do I need?
  16. Can I take pictures of my car prior to drop off and before I sign drive off with my car after pick up?
  17. Can I track my car? If so, how accurate is the tracking information?
  18. Why are you the best company to go with?
  19. Do I need a spare set of keys? What if I don’t have or can’t find my spare set?
  20. How much gas should I have in my car?


There are many factors that set us apart from other car shipping companies. So call us today or click here and let us answer all your car shipment questions!


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