Specialty Vehicle Shipping to or from Hawaii

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What kinds of vehicles need special shipping
What else is different?


What kinds of vehicles need special shipping?

The vast majority of car shipping companies will ship a wide variety of vehicles, not just typical cars like BMWs and Toyotas. However, when you choose to transport a non-typical vehicle with an auto transport company, alternative or “special” shipping methods will need to be utilized. This is not an issue; it will likely just cost you a bit more for using these types of vehicle shipping regardless of the company that you choose to ship with.

The types of vehicles that will need an alternative method of shipping will include motorcycles, mopeds/scooters, busses, limousines, recreational vehicles, trailers, heavy construction or agricultural equipment, non-running vehicles and more. The type of alternative shipping that your non-typical vehicle could require might be enclosed shipping, flatbed shipping or shipping on a carrier with a winch. Usually, motorcycles, mopeds and scooters will be shipped on a pallet of sorts inside of an enclosed carrier. Larger vehicles such as limos or construction vehicles will be shipped on a flatbed trailer. Any non-running vehicles will need to be shipped on a carrier with a functioning winch.

What else is different?

As we mentioned, the alternative methods of shipping non-typical vehicles will cost a bit more. This means, more or less, an extra couple hundred dollars. However, there are a few other differences. The two main differences will be “lead time” and preparation for the shipment.

Lead time simply just means giving your shipment company earlier notice of your shipping needs. This is because they will have to find the availability of a non-typical car carrier for your shipment which takes more time because there are so much fewer of them.

The preparation will likely be different too. It will still include getting the vehicle cleaned and removing personal items. However, the cleaning of the vehicle could be much more complex if it is a much larger vehicle such as an RV or bus. If the vehicle that you are shipping is some sort of heavy equipment such as a tractor or combine, some disassembly may be required prior to shipping. You should always discuss this with your auto transport company prior to booking a shipment for any non-typical vehicle.


Shipping a non-typical vehicle such as a motorcycle or RV will not be an issue for many auto transport companies out there. They will just need to use a special type of shipping to accommodate your needs for such vehicles. These special shipping services will cost a bit more but will definitely be worth it considering the amount of trouble and effort it is saving. Be sure you book your shipment as early as possible if you need specialty vehicle shipping because it will take longer for your auto transporter to find an available carrier suited to fit your vehicles’ needs.

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