Stress Free Parking in Hawaii

Stress Free Parking



Hawaii is known for its beauty, culture, and adventures. Having your car in Hawaii can make enjoying all of what the island has to offer quick and easy. While every day transportation is not a problem, sometimes finding a parking spot can become stressful.  If you follow these stress free parking tips, it could make parking just as easy as the Hawaiian lifestyle. While the lifestyle is considered easy living, it isn’t always the same for parking. 

3 tips to stress free parking in Hawaii:

Take Advantage of Free Parking

Having trouble finding a parking spot depends where you are. The closer you are to downtown areas and attractions, the more stressful parking becomes. Take advantage of free parking whenever you can. Street parking is free, even on Saturdays, Sundays, and weekends. This also includes metered stalls. Going out to dinner? Not a problem. Restaurants offer “Restaurant Row” parking as long as you have merchant validation. Knowing where to park can make for stress free parking.

Parking Garages

Going shopping, for a walk down the main avenue, or running some errands? You may want to take advantage of the private parking lots and garages. Private parking lots and garages offer stress free parking because your car will be secured while you stroll about. You don’t have to worry about leaving lunch to feed the meter. There are many affordable parking garages that won’t break the bank. Many garages offer flat rates for before and after 4pm and on the weekends. For day parking, you can look to pay anywhere from 1.50$ an hour to $3.00 an hour. However, if parking garages are not for you, you can always look for metered parking. Metered parking will cost you about $1.50 per hour.

Reserve Parking

You can now reserve parking before even leaving your home, making parking stress free and convenient. Visit to reserve your parking space or download the Best Parking app right on your Smartphone. Best Parking allows you to fill out an online form consisting of the city, location/ town, dates, and times needed. Not sure where to park? You can view maps of attractions and streets to ensure you get the best parking spot close to your destination.  Once your information is plugged in, a list of available parking spots, with rates and special pricing, if applicable, will become available to you. This makes for stress free parking right at your fingertips.

So, let us help you ship your car down to Hawaii, because with these 3 simple tips, you will have a stress free parking experience.

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